not a laughing matter

[English 2000 essay]

Is Facebook and Twitter the new burn book?? With the uprising of social media throughout society and age groups, controversy continues to break out. In recent years, many stories have up to the surface about students experiencing bullying viral and even committing suicide over the tangents students have through their keyboard. Most recently, a story about and Indiana middle school expelling three middle school tweens for “joking on Facebook about which of their classmates they would like to kill”. What kids do not seem to understand is whether it is face-to-face or through a computer screen, words are hurtful and should be taken seriously. The students parents continue to buck the expulsion claiming the threat was not real and “If you make a legitimate threat against someone … you don’t follow it up with an emoticon.”

Parents claim it is a charge against free-speech for the young’s students. The school is right in expelling these seemingly brainless tween girls for their stunt. It should not matter if an LOL and an emoticon accompanied the threat. The school system had no way of knowing if the threat had truth behind it even though there was a “smile” attached to it. Often times, the ones who accompany a threat with a smile are the sickest of them all!


Zuckerburg say what?

[English 2000, digital media & culture]

While visiting the Yahoo! homepage, I came across this particularly disturbing article. The titled yelled “Facebook Timeline Mandatory”. Excuse me, what was that? Mandatory? There are reasons I chose not to switch to Facebook’s new face. I like the old set up just fine. It is easily navigated and is a bit simpler than the new timeline layout.

Starting this morning, the new Timeline feature — that up until now has been an optional switch — is now mandatory.

I have read many unkind statuses aimed toward Zuckerberg for the new face of Facebook. I understand that as a social network Facebook has to continue striving for the next big thing in order to stay on top, but is it necessary to one up the competition when the face is perfectly fine already? As if Facebook was not stalker friendly enough. With the new timeline feature you can go back to all the dirty laundry ever posted with a simple click. There is no more hassle of scrolling for what seems to be hours through wall photos and pointless statuses.

Not only does my dirty laundry get put on the line for easy access, but I am now forced to succumb to what is popular by Facebook. I no longer have the choice to sit back and stick with my “old-fashioned” styled layout. Besides the schoolwork and tax season coming up, I now have to find the perfect cover photo for the obnoxiously large welcome space of the new layout. Are you trying to kill me Facebook??

I am not happy Mark Zuckerberg, not one bit! I should learn from Google and Wikipedia and blackout my Facebook for a day. But then again, you probably would just change that without my permission too.