Magic Mike from an unashamed man-loving, christian female

I cannot deny the fact I was quite intrigued when I first saw previews for the newly released Magic Mike. Not for the buff Channing Tatum, but for the perfectly age Matthew McConaughey. I do not think anyone can deny he is a good-looking Southern man. The more I saw the pre-movie previews of this Magic Mike, the more my heart began to realize I should not be delighting in all. This didn’t come without conviction. My eyes wanted to look at Channing and Matthew shaking what their mothers gave them..sure I’m a female, I like guys…But my heart was tugging at my eyes and challenging them to close and forget the shaking I had just delighted in.

As a young Christian woman, I should desire everything opposite of this fantasied movie.  I am not just bucking up against Hollywood because the Bible tells me so. There are a lot of things the Bible says I shouldn’t do, but in my flesh I do. I am choosing to talk down upon this movie because I am held to a higher standard. The Bible states several times, that I am called to be in the world but NOT of it. I do not have to entertain the industries of the world just because I am of the demographic they are trying to reach and because Channing has a nice bod. I want to guard my heart and mind so that it can be pure for who I am dating and in the long run when I become a wife. Out of respect for him, I choose to refuse garbage like Magic Mike. If the tables were turned, I would feel disrespected and insufficient as a female if a boyfriend of mine did that to me. The first question that would pop in my head is “why would he want to see that garbage?”

I have been trying to find the perfect verse to back up the conviction I have felt toward this movie and last night one was brought to my attention.

Jesus states in Matthew 5:28 “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” Switch up the pronouns and nouns and Jesus is saying “anyone who looks at a man lustfully has already committed adultery with him in her heart.” WOW. So when I lust after any celebrity or guy I see, I’m committing adultery? No way Jesus..that can’t be what you mean. Reality check to Kristen, that’s exactly what He is saying.

If I base what I watch or drool over on this verse, then I am committing adultery everyday. Thank God for His grace and mercy because without it I would consider myself completely doomed.

I am sure Magic Mike has a great story line..sure. He is trying to get out of stripping and get a job dancing..awesome Channing! Keep on trying. The fact is the movie is based on guys stripping and girls throwing money at them. It’s sad and unfortunate that as women we would even entertain that. I guarantee when the next stripper movie comes out and it’s based on a female, we will all be throwing hissy fits. The reason Hollywood makes these types of movies is because it’s a large demographic. If it stops being supported maybe money worthy films will come out. We should want to be respected as women. My encouragement to myself and to you reading is that you respect your mind and body by not allowing crap to pour into it. Prove Hollywood wrong and refuse to give your money away to them.


I’ll never let go, Titanic.

Titanic 3D poster Leonardo DiCaprio Kate Winslet

Many viewers are the least bit thrilled by the April 2012 re-release of the Titanic in 3D. Even actress Kate Winslet’s children are not interested in the movie that made their mother’s fame skyrocket. As for me, my excitement can not possible get bigger. Leonardo DiCaprio spurred on my list of Hollywood crushes as a girl. I can remember the first time I saw Leo make an appearance on the classic show, Growing Pains. He was young, innocent, and beautiful. When Titanic first came out on VHS in 1999, I was determined to view the whole movie without “covering my eyes” as my mother had warned me. I had to find out what parts I was missing out on. When I was mature enough to handle the scenes my mother felt I couldn’t I fell more in love with Titanic.

Because Titanic is my number one favorite movie, I am slightly biased to the re-release of Titanic coming this April. When it first premiered in the trailers of a movie I can not remember now, I screamed. Literally, threw my arms up and yelled with excitement. I was not able to view the original release of Titanic in theaters so it’s like I’m back in 1999 and am old enough to watch all the scenes!

Titanic is not the only movie that is being re-released in theaters to re-live their fame. Disney has released the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast in the last couple months. Disney plans on releasing several more classic cartoons in 3D throughout 2012 and 2013. Some people may give these movies flack saying “I can stay home, watch it on my tv, and save ten bucks!” Even though some people may see these rereleased movies as pointless and desperate, I can not be more thrilled about it! I love watching remastered classics on the big screen. I would rather spend ten bucks on a movie I know will be good than wasting my money on a film I may or may not enjoy. If movie companies can make money off of re-releasing classic films, I say more power to them!

As for me, I won’t let go of Jack. I’m holding on to Titanic as long as I can.