Magic Mike from an unashamed man-loving, christian female

I cannot deny the fact I was quite intrigued when I first saw previews for the newly released Magic Mike. Not for the buff Channing Tatum, but for the perfectly age Matthew McConaughey. I do not think anyone can deny he is a good-looking Southern man. The more I saw the pre-movie previews of this Magic Mike, the more my heart began to realize I should not be delighting in all. This didn’t come without conviction. My eyes wanted to look at Channing and Matthew shaking what their mothers gave them..sure I’m a female, I like guys…But my heart was tugging at my eyes and challenging them to close and forget the shaking I had just delighted in.

As a young Christian woman, I should desire everything opposite of this fantasied movie.  I am not just bucking up against Hollywood because the Bible tells me so. There are a lot of things the Bible says I shouldn’t do, but in my flesh I do. I am choosing to talk down upon this movie because I am held to a higher standard. The Bible states several times, that I am called to be in the world but NOT of it. I do not have to entertain the industries of the world just because I am of the demographic they are trying to reach and because Channing has a nice bod. I want to guard my heart and mind so that it can be pure for who I am dating and in the long run when I become a wife. Out of respect for him, I choose to refuse garbage like Magic Mike. If the tables were turned, I would feel disrespected and insufficient as a female if a boyfriend of mine did that to me. The first question that would pop in my head is “why would he want to see that garbage?”

I have been trying to find the perfect verse to back up the conviction I have felt toward this movie and last night one was brought to my attention.

Jesus states in Matthew 5:28 “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” Switch up the pronouns and nouns and Jesus is saying “anyone who looks at a man lustfully has already committed adultery with him in her heart.” WOW. So when I lust after any celebrity or guy I see, I’m committing adultery? No way Jesus..that can’t be what you mean. Reality check to Kristen, that’s exactly what He is saying.

If I base what I watch or drool over on this verse, then I am committing adultery everyday. Thank God for His grace and mercy because without it I would consider myself completely doomed.

I am sure Magic Mike has a great story line..sure. He is trying to get out of stripping and get a job dancing..awesome Channing! Keep on trying. The fact is the movie is based on guys stripping and girls throwing money at them. It’s sad and unfortunate that as women we would even entertain that. I guarantee when the next stripper movie comes out and it’s based on a female, we will all be throwing hissy fits. The reason Hollywood makes these types of movies is because it’s a large demographic. If it stops being supported maybe money worthy films will come out. We should want to be respected as women. My encouragement to myself and to you reading is that you respect your mind and body by not allowing crap to pour into it. Prove Hollywood wrong and refuse to give your money away to them.


in your head

it’s midterm week and i’m feeling a little crazy. One may say like a zombie. Normally, I wouldn’t care too much about midterms because others grades can balance those grades out blah blah blah but this semester both of my midterms count as 1 of 2 grades I will receive in my class. Not just one class is like that, both of my history classes are like that. I have been studying like a maniac which is not normal for me. I’m usually doing art projects for grades!

At Bible Study last night, God reminded me that I’ve got to prioritize right. Nothing that I do with my power can be pointed back to me anyways, so I have got to keep my eyes on him. As I was concluding my quiet time this morning, the story of Peter walking on water was brought to my mind. As long as he kept his eyes on Christ he was secure on a very insecure foundation. Once he began looking down at everything and worrying about what was going to happen he sank. I am Peter. I have to remember to keep my eyes focused on the One who matters rather than the situations around me.

I prayed last night that He would stretch my time out somehow or allow me to wake up earlier than needed and still feel rested. Let me just tell you I popped up this morning at 7:30 wide awake. My alarm isn’t until 9! Warning, do not pray if you do not want your prayer to be answered. I prayed that prayer at 1 a.m. and it was answered only six hours later, with me feeling fully rested. I serve an awesome God.

Here’s a little glimpse of how i’m feeling right about now in terms of school though. Enjoy your week!:)

Name that baby!

[English 2000]

The tradition of naming a child has always been portrayed as an intimate and important time between a married couple. Not only are they coming up with a name that will be classic or original through time, but they are giving a name that could make or break their kid. This Illinois couple doesn’t seem to have the same mindset I do about this topic.

Facebook is a great tool to locate old high school friend or catch up on the latest gossip during a break from work, but relying on it to help name a child does not seem wise to me. The couple chose to run the “name my baby” poll because they could not agree on a name. In my mind, the couple should have sat down and had this discussion over dinner not Facebook. It seems ludicrous to entrust such an important decision in thousands of people they never met. I’m somewhat relieved that the couple at least gave Facebook name options to vote. At least the couple did not post a poll on what political party they should vote for. I guess if something has to suffer, the child’s name will have to do.

I cannot even imagine the conversation that will happen when their baby is grown up and becomes curious about the name they chose. It would go something like this: “Mom, am I named after a hero? a famous actor? an important relative?”, “No, honey. Facebook chose it for you!”

How to: Have a healthy lifestyle in college

Let me start off my saying I am certainly not perfectly healthy, not by a long shot! But I would like to share some great ways that my roommates and I maintain a healthy lifestyle while staying busy with school and other exciting things about college!

1) Cook for yourself! That is one of my top favorite things about living in an apartment. I love knowing what goes in my food, rather than buying processed or pre-cooked. Since my roommates are vegetarian, it is easier to eat healthy meals and snacks. Our meals often consist of brown rice, black beans, yummy salads, sautéed veggies, sweet potatoes cooked in any way, and other yummy recipes. Now don’t go thinking that we don’t have a sweet tooth. Quite often we have nights that we splurge and eat a whole box of cookie dough. Did I just announce this online? Okay well don’t take my advice on that one the results are good. Take my word on it! Since I only claim to be vegetarian by association, I often grill myself a chicken breast or a filet of fish. I don’t eat red meat very often if not at all, but I love my white meat!

2) Eat frozen yogurt rather than ice cream! Fro-yo as we call it is a stinking delicious alternative to ice-cream. I probably take away any nutritional value from it since I add cookie dough balls, Oreo crumbs, and those God awful Reese’s pieces. I still suggest the alternative though, you may have more self-control than I do! Plus, we have collected tons of coupons towards fro-yo bars. We save money and calories at the same time!

3) Drink tea over coffee! This has been the hardest change I’ve made. I survived on coffee this summer in Prague. I had at least two cups a day, black with one packet of sugar. That habit transferred over to my apartment. I started to depend on coffee again. Going from crash to crash; filling my caffeine take back up again. Because I was seeing the negative effects it was having on my body, I decided to stop drinking it. I could tell I wasn’t giving my body the natural energy it deserved. I upped my vegetable intake and began making all natural vegetable smoothies. I like to them my little green monsters. Green because there are apples, cucumbers, and spinach in it (among other veggies and fruits). Monsters because once the smoothie is done blending it looks like something you’d find in a sewage. I can’t lie to, it looks horrible. In fact, the first time I made them me and my roomies were disgusted by the look of it. It wasn’t until we tasted it that we realized we discovered a treasure!

4) Exercise, exercise, exercise. Walk around the lake, run around the block, go up and down your stairs, have a dance party- I don’t care what you do, but just get your body moving! Alexandra and I have taken up yoglates. It’s a mix between yoga and Pilates. I feel great after doing an hour of that. I don’t feel like I’ve completely worn my body out, but I feel like I’ve pushed it to it’s limit. The class we attend doesn’t use AC while working out so the temperature gets to about 90+ degrees in there. It’s awesome! I sweat out any toxins I took in that day. I’m already seeing results, and I like it:)

{All pictures are from Alexandra’s 20th birthday night!}

5) Eat humus as a snack rather than potato chips. Alexandra has taught me her recipe to a yummy humus. We eat it so often that it saves us money just to make big jars of it rather than buying the 17 oz. container at the store. We use it on our wraps, our veggie burgers, and plain with pita chips. We also try new ingredients out in it like spinach, cumin, and paprika. Yum!

That’s all I got for now. I hope this helps and encourages any freshman out there thinking they haven’t had a true college experience until they gain that freshman 15. We kept it off and had a blast along the way.

dub me failure in blogging…

..but certainly not in life!

I may be absent here, but I’m far from absent in any where else! School is hectic, but I love it! I ride the bus everyday to school which by the way is a dream come true. That’s right. I feel like I was jipped as a child. I was never able to stand on the corner with my lunch box and wait for that big yellow monster. Heck, I never even had a lunch box. I loved the cafeteria food. Back to the task at hand, the bus is awesome. Period! I had my first exam yesterday. I rather not talk about it until I know the results. I have never been a good test taker. I can take in the information, but when it’s my time to spit it out I freeze. It’ll get better. Here’s a fun fact, I developed my very first black and white film photograph yesterday! It was absolutely amazing. Seriously, so fun. I’m such a tech nerd so I never thought that I would end up liking an art so hands on, but it was the coolest experience. It was so neat to see the chemistry take place between the chemicals and the photo paper. Watching my image come to life and being able to claim it as my very own is the best feeling. Needless to say, it took me three hours to actually come up with a perfectly developed image. That’s besides the point though!!

{haha blurry awkward beaver picture}

I ordered my first set of business cards as an official business owner. I am so thrilled to see them next week! Until then it will be a surprise on what they look like. I’ll give you one hint though; clean and simple. BAM. I started reading the Red Tent by Anita Diamant. It was a little slow at first, but the further I dive into the novel the harder it is to put down. This fiction novel puts me into Biblical times. It’s a story from the perspective of a young maiden whose father is Jacob (grandson of Abraham). The setting for the majority of the book is in the red tent also known as the menstrual tent. When the women were menstruating they would go sit in this “red tent” until their time was up. Anita puts the reader right there as if we were listening to all the stories and gossip from the wives. I’m only on page sixty, but so far it’s pretty darn good. My next read will be Blue Like Jazz. I am stoke about starting that one!

{roomie/back drop holder}

One last thing, I’m now taking yogalate classes. They are amazing and I’m slightly obsessed!! It’s one of the most intense workouts I’ve ever done. I’ve done P90X and yogalates blows it out the water. Not to mention the place I go to turns the AC off while the class is going. I don’t know if you have ever been to Louisiana in the summer months but it gets HOTTTT. Trust me.

There’s an update of my life in two solid paragraphs. Tonight we are going to dinner for Alexandra’s birthday. EEEEK Can’t wait!!:) Until we meet again…possibly same time next week..So long my lovelies.