I’m a bit biased..


..but I’m a mamma’s girl. Don’t misunderstand me, I adore my dad beyond explanation, but my mom..she is a part of my soul. Looking in past posts, the love for my mom is quite evident. When it comes to Mother’s Day I try to give her a gift or affection she deserves. The older I get the harder it gets to get her the perfect gift because when she needs something..she buys it. As I was thinking what to get her this past May, I KNEW it had to be something that would last longer than money. Photos. I contacted my good friend in the industry and in life, Kaylynn Marie, to schedule a mini-shoot. Prior to the shoot, I wanted her to feel completely spoiled so we both got our makeup done at Sephora. They did a phenomenal job! After being dolled up, we headed to downtown Baton Rouge for our photo-shoot and sushi date. The shoot was more fun than I could have even imagined. Kaylynn just captured us being us and did it perfectly.

Kaylynn always capture my best side, haha

um hello hot mamma!

off to eat sushi


Taryn & Ryan {Christmas shoot}

I first met the Terrels the day of their shoot. I was a little nervous before meeting them because there are always nerves when starting out a shoot (even with people i’ve known before), but it was different with the Terrels. It was like they were old friends of mine. The entire shoot they were rocking my camera’s world. The chemistry between the two was so evident. It’s so encouraging taking photos of a couple that are natural together. Their love is evident. It’s not forced and staged. I hope you enjoy this beautiful couple as mush as I have!

Can you say J. Crew spread?? The fashion choices of this couple were out of this world!!

Onto the more casual dress..

I can’t get over all the gorgeous colors!!

Wow, Wow, WOW! Both of them are so fierce

and to end the shoot with PERFECT lighting. Thank you sun:)