Is Amazon hurting the book industry?

Eng. 2000 essay

If a buyer would visit Amazon in search of 35 Shades of Grey, they may come across a book with a similar title such as 50 Shades of Grey. Both books are trilogies and relate with each other. Even the authors name’s are formatted the same. All the credit goes to Amazon for creating CreateSpace,a publishing type tool on their website where a new author can create a book and publish it through Amazon. Many people are quite upset that Amazon, a large and well-respected company, would allow these types of things to happen.

“It’s the book equivalent of spam,” says lawyer Eric Rayman, a former attorney for Simon & Schuster. “Amazon should be taking steps to stop this. It’s bad for consumers and it’s bad for the book business.”

Many of the “authors” are taking advantage of this spam-creating tool by Amazon. One mother claimed to have published around 10,000 books through this tool. Because of CreateSpace allows anyone with a keyboard to write a book, they are downplaying the skill and education a highly acclaimed author has. Amazon is bombarding customers with spam books instead of the real book they initially searched for. Amazon seems to care more about gaining customers and money than producing quality books. The saying quality over quantity is quite relevant for this situation.


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a thirst only He can quench

Let me just say that I have not become sucked into the Hunger Game phenomenon. Sure they are great, but I just can’t get attached to it for some reason. In fact, I bought the first book on February 1st and I’m only on chapter 12. It’s a good read, but I don’t see the big hype. The last chapter I read stuck out to me though. I cannot tell you what page it was, but it was the scene when Katniss thought she was dying of dehydration (that’s right I’m not very far at all). At this point she is two days without water and wondering why Haymitch hasn’t provided anything for her. She begins going in and out of consciousness still wondering why Haymitch hasn’t saved her from death’s grip. As she sits in a tree, she realizes that Haymitch hasn’t given her supplies because she is close to the river. She understands that Haymitch was allowing her to persevere through this because she was close to a well of life.

This particular scene encourages me so much. I compared Haymitch to Christ and myself to Katniss. There are so many times when I think that I’ve been abandoned and left to die. I am constantly fighting thoughts on why I’m going through rough patches in my life. Haymitch could have easily sent provisions for Katniss, but he chose to teach her to persevere. Christ does that with me daily. He doesn’t withhold answers out of cruelty, but out of love. He knows that it will build my faith and challenge me to rely on his direction more.

Christians, including myself, easily give up and automatically assume that God left them just when they start going through hard times. It is not until after the matter that the realization of a deeper meaning is clear. Think about how much better a hard experience would be if the thought that He is teaching a lesson..a hard less..but a good lesson that will build up faith more.

I’ve been starting to feel fed up with the semester. I only have a few weeks left but I feel like they are dragging by so ridiculously slow. I cannot express how pumped I am for Spring Break. I feel like I have had a weekend to do nothing in so long. You could say i’ve been in an extended season of perseverance. I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel though. Because of that, i’m excited for the end of the semester and summer. I just have to keep pushing forward. No matter how strenuous it may be.

Should we blame the movies?

[English 2000 essay]

The movies influence teens more than people suspect. It is commonly known that what a person surrounds himself with it begins to transform them. If a person surrounds himself with junk food, his body will reflect it. If a person subjects himself to hours of violent video games, he would show tendencies toward violence (most likely). Movies like Project X, give ideas to teens on what a “real” party should look like. The movie doesn’t show the serious consequences a crazy rave like that could have.

project x What Project X is quite an effective way for involving the audience?

Teens in Houston took notice  of the movie and decided to throw their own version of Project X. Unfortunately, their party did not end as smoothly as the movie portrays it to be. The teens spread party invites through the popular social media websites, Facebook and Twitter. When the party started taking off, witnesses claim there was barely any room to movie around in the abandoned house. A worried neighbor called the cops and they broke up the party. Once the kids flooded the streets, gunshots started going off. One innocent teen was killed in the process of this shooting.

It is unfortunate that some teens feel the need to go above and beyond a movie like Project X. Because it is just a movie, there are no real consequences throughout it. The viewer sees the “ideal” outcome of a party for a couple of geeks. Sadly, teens that mimicked the party had a detrimental ending. Social media/media have a major influence on this situation. Because the movie came out, teens had the thought of having an outrageous party and because of Twitter and Facebook the news spread like wild fire.

I am not blaming social media completely because it is hard to monitor everything that goes through them, but hollywood should realize the effects that it has on society.

my take

One of the hardest things to discuss with fellow ladies is the issue of modesty. Where does the line get drawn? How extreme do you take it? What makes v-necks a no-no to wear?

All of these questions begin flooding in my mind when that topic has come up in conversations. I have never had an issue with modesty due to being a little chunky while I was growing up. Mamma never let me out of the house if I wasn’t wearing decent clothing. I never wore a bikini until high school and even then I covered my body as much as I could with shorts and coverups. I had this image and insecurity of my body from the get go. When I saw other girls who were dressed less than the amount of clothing I had on, immediately I would think negative things toward them. Recently, my mind set has been challenged by different conversations and several blog posts that I have read.

As a Christian lady, I do not want to cause ANYONE to stumble. Not just guys. Notice that i’m not saying only guys stumble from a girl’s lack of modesty. Girls stumble in that area too. Maybe not them specifically lusting after other girls, but we lust in ways that make us look down upon our body. Pride begins to build up because a female’s self-confidence plummets and all she can think about is how terrible she thinks she looks next to the girl wearing clothing that reveals more than needs be. With that being said, there is a thin line for a person think walk when thinking about what to wear. No, you obviously would not want to wear clothing that makes you booty hang out and boobs spill over, but you also should not hide yourself because you look down upon your body as ugly and sinful. You are a creation of God. He created your body beautifully no matter the size or color. You should feel comfortable in your body and in what you are wearing. If you feel most comfortable wearing long sleeves and jeans every day, not showing an inch of skin, by all means DO IT!! But do it because you want to not because you have a negative image about yourself due to years of wounds.

It’s tough to talk about where I stand because I am as modest as all get out. I do not leave my apartment without some sort of cover up on my upper body and leggings or jeans on my lower body. I love being covered up, but not necessarily for the right reasons. I love covering up because the less I show the less you can find wrong with me. See how terrible that mind set is? It is not healthy for me and has caused me a lot of hurt mentally. I should be able to walk out and be comfortable with wearing a v-neck or a razor back tank top. I should be comfortable wearing shorts in the summer and not be afraid of running around in them.

I’ve tried to think of a balanced perspective but it’s hard to make rules with modesty unless I just use scripture. Let’s use the v-neck for example. What makes a v-neck wrong to wear? Is it the v cut? is it the tightness of it? Is it the length of the shirt itself? I don’t understand it. What makes the length of a v-neck any different than a regular tank top? It’s a complete generalization. A v-neck does not fit the same on a girl who has size A boobs versus a girl who has size D boobs. I can wear a v-neck and reveal nothing where as other girls cannot. So does that mean I should not wear them just because they are seen as immodest? Absolutely not. If leggings/jeggings are not okay to wear what makes skinny jeans okay to wear? Either way the woman’s figure is being shown. There are double standards. Which by the way let me just say jeggings are never okay to wear. :) Just don’t do it.

I am pro-modesty. Don’t get it twisted. But I am also pro security in Christ. I struggle with insecurity on a weekly basis, but God is pulling me through it. He is breaking me of so many warped rules that have been programmed in my head. He is showing me that women are beautiful and are meant to know that. It is not okay for guys or girls to reveal too much in front of their peers/brother and sisters in Christ. All i’m trying to get at is check your dress with scripture. For all you know, your face could be a stumbling block to someone. If you go around constantly fearing that people are sinning because of you, you will live in bondage of their sin. Christ calls us in freedom, not freedom to go wild but freedom from the law and the ways of the world.

Lift your brothers and sisters up, If you notice that their eyes are wandering even if you feel you are being modest in dress call them up to a higher standard. Don’t let them fall into sin, but also realize you are not the reason they are sinning. It’s the sin within each of us that we give in to.

As a Christian, I am called to live up to a higher standard. I am supposed to be different from the world. That may mean the way I live my life, the way I spend money, or the way I dress, but that doesn’t mean I should be ashamed and burdened by the body Christ gave me. I should glorify Him in how I present it or treat it. Whether that means wearing a v-neck and shorts or a turtle neck and jeans.

I hope this post is clear and uplifting. I would like to know what you think. What’s your take on it?