eternal obsession

Ya know, I don’t really have a specific obsession for this week. Honestly, I don’t remember the past several days because of the over abundance of sleep I’ve received. All I know is that I am going to be swamped until my Religion exam Monday morning. But I have a peace about all of it. Of course, I’m scared because of all the responsibilities I have this weekend, but I have faith God will sustain me and calm me down. There is a huge workshop going on this weekend and Ambassadors are in charge of it. I volunteered for whatever they may need. So needless to say I have to juggle working multiple time slots and study for a huge religious exam. God is faithful and God is more than capable of sustaining me:)

I am so happy to finally be around my friends. I have been cooped up for…5 days? That involved little human contact besides my parents and a few friends. I went a little crazy last night because it was the first time to be in contact with everyone. I laughed way too much..talked way too much..jumped around way too much, and most definitely paid for it this morning. I woke this morning with my mouth feeling all of that laughter, talking, and jumping.

I’m done blabbering now…i’ll show you guys some fun graphics I found!


these are my confessions

Confessions of a once un-belieber

I didn’t want to give in. Honestly. Pop music is not my normal choice of ear candy, so when I heard the music he began recording after his YouTube fame I turned it down immediately. I laughed and joked about the gals that are..obsessed shall we say? But when I saw a documentary style movie was coming out, I knew that even though I’m not one of his biggest fan- I would enjoy it. I had no idea how much that movie would actually change my mind. I went from refusing his music to singing along to “Baby” with the lyrics flashing across the screen in the last scene. I won’t elaborate on my dance moves that accompanied them. That movie gave me a whole new perspective on Mr. Bieber. Now don’t go thinking that I have the fever {yet}. Just because I went to Wal*Mart and bought all three of his CDs..{yes three, I got the remix version of his latest CD..} doesn’t mean I’m obsessed. I’m just a little curious..yeah curious. His story is a great one and his vocals are even better. I hope he isn’t another child hood star that lives his few years of fame and then begins a spiral down like most young stars have. We’ll see where America takes him, but as of now he is still on top of his game, his hair is worth thousands, and females ranging from 3-83 are in love with the kid.

this weeks obsession

I received my Jazz Fest tickets this week!! AAH I am sooo excited to be able to see so many great great great artists. Some of the artists I will be seeing include:

Can you say AMAZING?! There are a lot of other bands, but these are a few that I am super excited to see live! This weekend has been wonderful. It’s been full of sun, clean air, and running! Yes, running.. Speaking of running, my laundry is dry which means I gotta go!

love you all,


apple of my eye

{Okay I know this is supposed to go up tomorrow, but i’m too excited I have to share it now!}


I’ve grown up with a mom who has always allowed me to change the paint color in my room. My room’s walls have ranged from a sunshine yellow to laid-back periwinkle. As I got older the color ranged from Spanish Terra-cotta to a deep crimson red. You can guess what my reaction was when I found out that my future room for a year would be completely white. I thought..boring..insane asylum..flavor-less..BLAH. But once I began looking around at all the possibilities for adding color, I began to re-consider that crisp, clean color I was once horrified by.

This week’s obsession comes from several different websites including: Country Living and Design Sponge. I’ll be moving in my first apartment August of this year, and I absolutely cannot wait to decorate it! Of course there are limitations, but when it comes to wall decor it’s all on me! I am in love with the wall collection series. My favorite so far consist of prints, frames, and fabric!

{All images came from Country Living, Design Sponge, and Apartment Therapy.}

It’s like a chaotic harmony, that’s good eh?? Happy Decorating!


This weekend will be full of fun! Need proof? I go start off the weekend, my dear friend Bryan is coming to Baton Rouge. Don’t think i’m the only reason he is coming up here, silly goose. He is walking in the Race for the Cure: breast cancer walk..ON HIS BIRTHDAY. How awesome is that? But to make his birthday weekend even better, he has decided to come up here Friday. We are planning on thrift-ing our hearts out! Then to conclude our adventure, i’m treating him to birthday dinner.

That’s not all the fun though..

This weekend is also my BEST FRIEND’S {shout-out to big Mo!} birthday! With that coming up on Sunday, a group of friend will be going to celebrate at Rock-n-Saki sushi bar. NomNomNom. Love sushi and friends:D

Along with Bryan and Emily’s birthday, two other good friends are celebrating their birth. That makes a total of four birthdays this weekend. Holy Canoli i’m going to be busy!

PLUS I have a family photoshoot Saturday afternoon, YAY!

p.s. : I saw that my mom has now subscribed to my blog..about dang time! Hey MOM!:) You should probably read >>this & this & this. In case you don’t understand what I mean, just click the word “this” you



it’s taking over

You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience. -Teilhard he Chardin

I know Friday’s posts are usually on my latest obsessions, but I wouldn’t exactly use that word for what I’m about to describe. There hasn’t been an object that has consume my eyes this week, nor has there been a show, song, or photograph. But there has been a {person}. Not your expected hunk celebrity obsession. No, it’s deeper than that. And she’s not an over the top artsy style icon either. Well, she is a little over the top, but that’s beside the point. I’ve been away from home and family for almost a month now. You are probably thinking one of two things. “You are in college!! No need for being homesick silly girl, besides it’s OnLy a month!” or “Sister..find you some family quick!” I took the second advice. I am heading out friday afternoon to visit my beautifully, wild aunt in New Orleans. For those who don’t know where that is, it’s only about an hour away from campus versus the two-hour drive back home. I would love to go back home but I’m oober busy this weekend so I just have time for a quick trip. If I can’t see my mom, i’ll resort to someone who is almost the same, my Genna. My mom said she is able to slip away and stay with us Friday and Saturday which would be AMAZING. An all day shopping trip in the French Quarter followed by Louisiana cuisine, YUM! I introduce to you, Genna.

{In my family, the nieces and nephews don’t use the word aunt. We all have nicknames for each other. For instance, a normal niece would say “Aunt Glenda” but I say “Genna”. When I was little, I couldn’t pronounce Glenda so that’s how Genna came about. Another nickname Genna and I had for each other was “Fuzzy head and little Fuzzy head”. You can guess from these pictures how that came about}

I am never the type to get home sick. But sometimes it’s comforting being under your parents roof knowing that there  aren’t screaming girls running down the hall in towels, instances of being locked out of the building because I forgot my card-therefore not being able to eat, or just the fact that I can do my laundry..for free. Little things like that make me miss home. Then I think about why I like being here and doing what I love {art}, branching off into my form of independence, being a light to a dark campus, and that little place known as Death Valley, where a pig-skin values above any ruby or diamond.