Mr. & Mrs.

I have been jammed packed with editing, packing for college, certifying my business, and so on. Here’s a little sneak peek of what i’ve been working on. You probably won’t hear from me until this weekend. This gal is BUSY. Oh I’m also speaking at my church tomorrow night about my Prague trip. I am so excited!! Be praying for me. Hope all of you are doing great:)



Angela’s Bridals!!

They are finally married:) I just got back from their beautifully simple wedding. I can’t wait to check all of the photos from their special day. For now, I present to you Angela. The most sincere, joy-filled woman I know. Enjoy





just a little peek!

Images like this one remind me why I love my passion! Being a part of a bride’s journey to marriage is such a unique opportunity. This is all I can show for now. I’ll post the rest of Angela’s bridals this weekend! Enjoy:)

This piece of music is specifically special to Angela. She shared with me that a friend and her used sing this to each other in an opera voice. When she mentioned she wanted to incorporate it in the shoot, I knew exactly what I wanted to do! What do you think??

Cole {Wedding}

Well guys this was my first wedding all by myself! I don’t know what to make of it yet. I love  being able to see the joy from the newlyweds as they danced their first dance. I adore seeing family wipe tears from their eyes as the couple shares heart-felt vows. Oh, and of course the food is a perk too! But would I want to make shooting wedding a familiar idea..I don’t think so. I don’t mind shooting the occasional outdoor wedding with perfect lighting, but I don’t think I will be doing a church or cathedral wedding anytime soon. Too many areas can go wrong for a photography that only uses natural light sources. I am very proud to say these pictures are from my very first wedding. I introduce to you, the Coles.

{First Look}

Their first dance was to Smile by Uncle Kracker, couldn’t have been a more perfect song choice!


These are just a few pictures from the past year in my photography business. I cannot express how blessed I am to have worked with the clients I worked with. They were all so unique and [quite frankly] freaking awesome! My clients made my work so easy because..I mean look at them! They are all so beautiful in every way. I can’t wait to see what 2011 will bring me in my journey through photography. I don’t hope for a lot of money or numerous clients, honestly I hope for a lasting experience and a handful of excellent subjects. Thank you all for trusting me ,as young as I am, to capture your memories..I am truly grateful.

These definitely aren’t all of my shoots from 2010. They are just the few I had uploaded or saved on my computer.

in God’s love,


The beautiful Whitney,

The hilarious Trey,

The handsome Nick,

The Peruvian beauty Solanshe:),

The lovely Erin,

The fierce Hilarie,

The sweetheart Elaine,

The studly Bryan,

The cutie pie Grant,

The gentleman Omar,

The genius/cutie Brandon,

My smokin’ hott best friend Emily,

The radiant Emily,

The glamourous Amanda,

The Winterbottoms,

The Di Diegos,

Kristine and Benjamin Alcantara<3

The precious Tziyon Adah,

The Joneses

The award winning Jessica,

and last but not least

the thirsty beautiful little Charlie,

I would appreciate your comments and critique, thank you

This is happy Kristen thanking you for your business and love.

This is excited Kristen who is looking forward to what 2011 will bring:D