Is Amazon hurting the book industry?

Eng. 2000 essay

If a buyer would visit Amazon in search of 35 Shades of Grey, they may come across a book with a similar title such as 50 Shades of Grey. Both books are trilogies and relate with each other. Even the authors name’s are formatted the same. All the credit goes to Amazon for creating CreateSpace,a publishing type tool on their website where a new author can create a book and publish it through Amazon. Many people are quite upset that Amazon, a large and well-respected company, would allow these types of things to happen.

“It’s the book equivalent of spam,” says lawyer Eric Rayman, a former attorney for Simon & Schuster. “Amazon should be taking steps to stop this. It’s bad for consumers and it’s bad for the book business.”

Many of the “authors” are taking advantage of this spam-creating tool by Amazon. One mother claimed to have published around 10,000 books through this tool. Because of CreateSpace allows anyone with a keyboard to write a book, they are downplaying the skill and education a highly acclaimed author has. Amazon is bombarding customers with spam books instead of the real book they initially searched for. Amazon seems to care more about gaining customers and money than producing quality books. The saying quality over quantity is quite relevant for this situation.

2 thoughts on “Is Amazon hurting the book industry?

  1. Interesting. I hadn’t thought of that angle for potential abuse. In this particular case I went to Amazon and searched by the titles above and could not find 35 Shades of Gray, anywhere. Did legal action get it removed or is the Amazon rating system merely pushing spam books down into the oblivion of search results?

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