a thirst only He can quench

Let me just say that I have not become sucked into the Hunger Game phenomenon. Sure they are great, but I just can’t get attached to it for some reason. In fact, I bought the first book on February 1st and I’m only on chapter 12. It’s a good read, but I don’t see the big hype. The last chapter I read stuck out to me though. I cannot tell you what page it was, but it was the scene when Katniss thought she was dying of dehydration (that’s right I’m not very far at all). At this point she is two days without water and wondering why Haymitch hasn’t provided anything for her. She begins going in and out of consciousness still wondering why Haymitch hasn’t saved her from death’s grip. As she sits in a tree, she realizes that Haymitch hasn’t given her supplies because she is close to the river. She understands that Haymitch was allowing her to persevere through this because she was close to a well of life.

This particular scene encourages me so much. I compared Haymitch to Christ and myself to Katniss. There are so many times when I think that I’ve been abandoned and left to die. I am constantly fighting thoughts on why I’m going through rough patches in my life. Haymitch could have easily sent provisions for Katniss, but he chose to teach her to persevere. Christ does that with me daily. He doesn’t withhold answers out of cruelty, but out of love. He knows that it will build my faith and challenge me to rely on his direction more.

Christians, including myself, easily give up and automatically assume that God left them just when they start going through hard times. It is not until after the matter that the realization of a deeper meaning is clear. Think about how much better a hard experience would be if the thought that He is teaching a lesson..a hard less..but a good lesson that will build up faith more.

I’ve been starting to feel fed up with the semester. I only have a few weeks left but I feel like they are dragging by so ridiculously slow. I cannot express how pumped I am for Spring Break. I feel like I have had a weekend to do nothing in so long. You could say i’ve been in an extended season of perseverance. I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel though. Because of that, i’m excited for the end of the semester and summer. I just have to keep pushing forward. No matter how strenuous it may be.


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