Should we blame the movies?

[English 2000 essay]

The movies influence teens more than people suspect. It is commonly known that what a person surrounds himself with it begins to transform them. If a person surrounds himself with junk food, his body will reflect it. If a person subjects himself to hours of violent video games, he would show tendencies toward violence (most likely). Movies like Project X, give ideas to teens on what a “real” party should look like. The movie doesn’t show the serious consequences a crazy rave like that could have.

project x What Project X is quite an effective way for involving the audience?

Teens in Houston took notice  of the movie and decided to throw their own version of Project X. Unfortunately, their party did not end as smoothly as the movie portrays it to be. The teens spread party invites through the popular social media websites, Facebook and Twitter. When the party started taking off, witnesses claim there was barely any room to movie around in the abandoned house. A worried neighbor called the cops and they broke up the party. Once the kids flooded the streets, gunshots started going off. One innocent teen was killed in the process of this shooting.

It is unfortunate that some teens feel the need to go above and beyond a movie like Project X. Because it is just a movie, there are no real consequences throughout it. The viewer sees the “ideal” outcome of a party for a couple of geeks. Sadly, teens that mimicked the party had a detrimental ending. Social media/media have a major influence on this situation. Because the movie came out, teens had the thought of having an outrageous party and because of Twitter and Facebook the news spread like wild fire.

I am not blaming social media completely because it is hard to monitor everything that goes through them, but hollywood should realize the effects that it has on society.


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