Dear Brother;

Where to begin. I cannot believe you are 30 today. Heck, I cannot even believe that I’m already 20. Next thing we know we’ll be bunking in a nursing home somewhere reflecting on all we have put ourselves through.

When I look back on my childhood my greatest memories have you in them. I look back on the time you would put dad’s clothes on me and stuff me with every pillow in the house, then push me down and watch me helplessly try to get back up. I recall the times you would antagonize me until I ran after you, then you would ankle chop me with a pillow and knock me straight off my feet. I laugh when I think about many times the tickle monster would win so many battles.


I cherish the times you played backyard baseball with me or the times you would share teenage secrets to me even though I had no clue what any of them meant. You always included me and loved no matter our ten-year age difference. I was your biggest fan. You are my big brother and I would never replace you, not even if someone paid me:). We don’t alway see eye to eye, but at the end of the day I know I can count on a hug and a kiss from you.


I remember days that you would let me ride around with you jamming the latest rap songs. At 12, that meant the world to me. You included me in your life. Our wrestling matches were like none other. I give you all the credit for my strength and vigor while wrestling. I have so many scars from our countless matches..and I carry each one with pride.


You are the sole reason I have a phobia of spit. I thank you for that. I won’t elaborate on the time you dropped a spit bomb on me and I vomited everywhere (kinda just did), but hey you got what you deserved!

I love you with so much of my heart. You are and always have been such a great big brother. I look forward to growing old with you and watching our kids beat each other up just like we used to. Here’s to the past 30 years (I only remember 20 of those though)



5 thoughts on “Dear Brother;

  1. To sweet……………it’s hard times growing up….but great times when you get there… you get older you understand famlly…and the strenght they give you… and the love deepens have a great brother and he has a great sis!!!!!(the greatness must come from our…HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASH
    …….love ya….genna

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