Ed’s story

[Eng. 2000 essay]

I watched Ed Dobson’s story a few months back skimming through a friends Facebook wall. Ed’s story captivated me for personal reasons and out of curiosity. Ed Dobson was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease eleven years ago. The doctor told him he only had three years to live, but he has avoided death for several years past his due date. I have experienced that terrible disease from a very personal level. Lou Gehrig’s disease took the life of my cousin almost ten years ago. Watching someone’s body and life dwindle from Lou Gehrig’s disease is a terrible thing to witness. There is no cure for the disease and there is no avoiding it. Eventually the victim becomes a prisoner in his body, inevitably suffocating from the paralyses the disease brings.

If it was not for my friends Facebook wall or Vimeo, I would not have found such a compelling story. I would not be captivated by the vigor and the passion that this man has for life. His testimony is such an encouragement to my life and faith. At times, I become bitter towards social media. I feel like social media sites have taken a lot of personal interaction between people and exchanged it with tweets and Facebook shout outs, but this time around I am grateful for those outlets. Social media abused can bring drama, gossip, and broken friendships, but when used correctly it is life-changing and challenging.


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