I’ll never let go, Titanic.

Titanic 3D poster Leonardo DiCaprio Kate Winslet

Many viewers are the least bit thrilled by the April 2012 re-release of the Titanic in 3D. Even actress Kate Winslet’s children are not interested in the movie that made their mother’s fame skyrocket. As for me, my excitement can not possible get bigger. Leonardo DiCaprio spurred on my list of Hollywood crushes as a girl. I can remember the first time I saw Leo make an appearance on the classic show, Growing Pains. He was young, innocent, and beautiful. When Titanic first came out on VHS in 1999, I was determined to view the whole movie without “covering my eyes” as my mother had warned me. I had to find out what parts I was missing out on. When I was mature enough to handle the scenes my mother felt I couldn’t I fell more in love with Titanic.

Because Titanic is my number one favorite movie, I am slightly biased to the re-release of Titanic coming this April. When it first premiered in the trailers of a movie I can not remember now, I screamed. Literally, threw my arms up and yelled with excitement. I was not able to view the original release of Titanic in theaters so it’s like I’m back in 1999 and am old enough to watch all the scenes!

Titanic is not the only movie that is being re-released in theaters to re-live their fame. Disney has released the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast in the last couple months. Disney plans on releasing several more classic cartoons in 3D throughout 2012 and 2013. Some people may give these movies flack saying “I can stay home, watch it on my tv, and save ten bucks!” Even though some people may see these rereleased movies as pointless and desperate, I can not be more thrilled about it! I love watching remastered classics on the big screen. I would rather spend ten bucks on a movie I know will be good than wasting my money on a film I may or may not enjoy. If movie companies can make money off of re-releasing classic films, I say more power to them!

As for me, I won’t let go of Jack. I’m holding on to Titanic as long as I can.


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