just being real.

No doubt Lil Wayne earned the title “Lyrical Genius”, but in recent years he should have stepped off his throne. The last album I bought of his was The Carter III back in 2008. Soon after that, I deleted over 100 of his songs from my iTunes. I began to realize what I was actually putting in my brain and heart by listening to his music. It wasn’t hard to delete that part of my life because, quite frankly, he started to produce crap. Most of it consisted of him yelling and slurring into the microphone. This is not my usual topic of choice. After eliminating his music in my life, I’ve tried to stay away from it all together, but when I saw his most recent video it compelled me. In fact, I watched it three times, trying to figure out what is going on inside his brain.

His choice of lyrics and the content of the video thoroughly impressed me. The song “Mirror” is no the average Lil Wayne junk. He isn’t rapping about lollipops or drugs. I feel like he is actually being real with himself for the first time in years. He has several compelling images within this video. The red paint being violently thrown around, the quick clip of his fear God tattoo, and the painting of his own crucifixion at the end. Bruno Mars and Wayne portray the image of a crucifixion throughout the video. In several cases, their arms stretch out mirroring a crucifixion. Towards the end of the song Wayne raps one of MJ’s famous lyric “Starting with the man in the mirror”. The whole song is about Wayne seeing himself in the mirror and looking at a not-so ideal person.

“I see the truth in your lies”

“I see the guilt beneath the shame”

“I see the scars that remain, I see Wayne”

I guess what I am trying to ask is, What do you think this video means? Check out the video and share your comments/views on it.

{there is some harsh language within this video, you’ve been warned}


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