Name that baby!

[English 2000]

The tradition of naming a child has always been portrayed as an intimate and important time between a married couple. Not only are they coming up with a name that will be classic or original through time, but they are giving a name that could make or break their kid. This Illinois couple doesn’t seem to have the same mindset I do about this topic.

Facebook is a great tool to locate old high school friend or catch up on the latest gossip during a break from work, but relying on it to help name a child does not seem wise to me. The couple chose to run the “name my baby” poll because they could not agree on a name. In my mind, the couple should have sat down and had this discussion over dinner not Facebook. It seems ludicrous to entrust such an important decision in thousands of people they never met. I’m somewhat relieved that the couple at least gave Facebook name options to vote. At least the couple did not post a poll on what political party they should vote for. I guess if something has to suffer, the child’s name will have to do.

I cannot even imagine the conversation that will happen when their baby is grown up and becomes curious about the name they chose. It would go something like this: “Mom, am I named after a hero? a famous actor? an important relative?”, “No, honey. Facebook chose it for you!”


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