I am nothing

Remain in Me, and I will remain in you. That promise is found in John 15:4. I was going over it in Bible study tonight when God revealed that truth to me even more than before. I was repeating it to the girls over and over, emphasizing the words so that the promise could sink in. As I was doing that, I felt the Spirit say to me, “Speak to your self.”

Has God ever pointed the mirror back at you while in the middle of leading a Bible study? If not, it’s crazy! Can you imagine sitting there, all eyes on you, speaking John 15:4, then the Spirit slams you back with it. He showed me that I should take the advice i’m dishing out and ABIDE in Him. The promise of Him remaining in me if I remain in Him is huge. The scripture doesn’t say “Do this, this, and this, then maybe I will remain in you”. The scripture clearly says “REMAIN in me and I WILL remain in you.” Period. There is no working my way up to a standard that God would hopefully approve of, it’s just being in Him.

I find myself praying for specific fruits of the Spirit. Maybe one week I feel like I’m lacking in patience or love so I pray “God allow me to have more patience with ____.” Wrong way of going about it right there. Instead, I should be praying “God draw me closer to you.” When I am in God, His fruit will come out of me. Just like if I listening to music degrading women, my thought process will start to lean towards that. I will start degrading myself and striving to bring myself the standard the world desires.

Whatever goes in has to come out. There is no getting around that fact. Yet God is so faithful to his promise of pouring out His Spirit when we soak Him in. I am so thankful tonight for that tonight. There are so many days where I try to do work on my strength and only crap comes out. There is nothing good without Him. It all points back to me and then fades away after the short-term glory disappears.

Without Him, I am nothing.


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