Stop SOAP! Wait..

[English 2000, Media in the culture]

I am going to go ahead assume most of you reading this post know about the latest attempt by government to end viral piracy and shutdown other websites that are illegally publishing media. If you haven’t heard of the SOPA/PIPA issue, you can Google it- or can you? Google along with many other leading websites went “dark” for 24 hours yesterday. They completely closed off all access to their website as a public demonstration of their hate towards the [potential] new bill.

Did those websites change the minds of the government by shutting down for a day or did it only aggravate the mess out of everyone else who indulges on the free, convenient information Wikipedia or Google provides? I do not think their 24-hour protest did much to the minds of the government, honestly. I tend to agree with the quote made by Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo.

Closing a global business in reaction to single-issue national politics is foolish.

Now now before you jump my case, hear me out. I am totally on board for booting the governments attempt to lock down the Internet for piracy reasons, but shutting huge websites down for a day wasn’t the most efficient way of doing it. But like many others out there, I also signed the petition to stop SOPA. I did this partially because I agree with having Internet freedom and partially because I was hoping to unlock the gates of Wikipedia by submitting my vote against the issue. I will give them this though: you my Google/Wikipedia friends are quite kind. As well-known companies on the infamous World Wide Web, you gave up 24 hours worth of revenue. You saved millions of people from spending money while browsing your sites. Kudos to you! Next time can you at least keep a little information up for grabs? I would hate to have to actually go to the library for once.


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