Pursue not

Proverbs 18:22: “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.”

My whole life my parents raised me to be independent. Go after what I want and get it, why wait for someone else to do it for you? I love how I have turned out because of that, but I can’t say it’s been an easy road. I’m referring to relationships, specifically. I never allowed the guy to pursue me. I never allowed a guy to do what God designed him to do, rather I put the pants on and did it myself. I would throw myself out there just to be crumbled and stepped on. Not necessarily the guy’s fault. I made myself seem easy and predictable. Because of that cycle, I hardened my heart towards guys for a long time. My outlook on relationships was skewed. It wasn’t until I gave my life to Christ that I realized what a guy’s actual role is. It is be a provider. A protector and a pursuer. It is his job to make the “first moves”. It’s my job to trust in my Father’s plan for my life. It wasn’t until I realized that it’s not my job to shove a guy into my heart that God brought the type of man he desires for me. As His daughter, he desires for me to be protected with love and provided for. If I could give any advice to a young lady, it would be to stop. Just cease in Him. Once you give up your “rights” to what you think you should get, God provides for what He wants you to have. There is no greater blessing than that.

And to the fellas: Go after her. Don’t be intimidated by rejection or nerves. God created you to be the dominate one, no matter what society tells women. I am all for women standing up and being independent on certain situations, but I feel like we have stood up a little too high on this one. Guys take back what is yours and make your move.

God created you to be a pursuer. So next time God brings a godly woman into your life, don’t sit around twiddling your thumbs. The love of your life could be passing you by. {quote cited from this article}

This is an awesome anthem/video by some of my favorite artists. Look up the lyrics as you watch the video, they speak truth y’all!


3 thoughts on “Pursue not

  1. I needed to hear this SOO badly. just getting out a relationship where i feel as if i wont date again, this is allowing me to just be and let God take care of me.

    Thanks SO much for this

    • This is so encouraging! Thank you for sharing. The moment I stopped and allowed God to work in my life He brought in a guy that is better than I could have asked for. That’s all He wants from us, to just TRUST Him. I wish you the best:)


  2. I feel like I comment on every blog you post, butt it’s because they’re so good! And this is SO good, girl! I used to be the SAME way, the pursuer. That makes for a lot of heartbreak. Thank God for learning humility and men who pursue :)

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