{well look at me looking all crazy and what not. Photo taken my Amanda Aucoin}

Being a photographer is more than snapping pictures for money. It’s engaging in the lives of your clients. It’s making them feel beautiful like no one else has before. It’s capturing the perfect in-between moment, right before a kiss and right after. It’s about showing the love of a couple through the eyes of your camera. It’s showing the personality and joy of your client to the world. Being a photographer is more than just saving an event on file. It’s capturing memories for a lifetime. Every time someone looks at his or her senior portraits, engagement session, or wedding album-you will be thought of. Thoughts about the way you interacted with the client and how you worked as a photographer, but most importantly your image will be in front of them.  Being a photographer is not just printing an image. It’s capturing the perfect angle with the perfect light most flattering for the client. It’s giving your client a product that will make her smile each time the she views the image. It’s about daily challenging yourself to bigger and better things, furthering your business in what others may view as risky. It’s becoming the best of the best.

What will make you stand out as a photographer?


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