s t r i p p e d

I realize I have conformed in many ways. I realize that my blog is not what I created it to be. I’ve transformed and molded my blog to that of others. I’m not a fashionista, world traveler, or famous chef. I am not interested in promoting that either. I am simply interested in posting what God puts on my heart. I am interested in telling stories in a journalistic style. I am interested in presenting my photographs to those who care. I am interested in sharing the thoughts of my heart. I am not interested in promoting myself, rather I want to promote the life and passion God’s blessed me with. No fancy buttons or sidebars. No distracting header of background. Just the musings of my heart. I want to be genuine to you and to myself and for the past few months I have not been. I have been dry and fake. I was debating on shutting my blog down because of that fact, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it because I truly love my blog. I love the platform it gives my words and art. I do not like what I’ve made it to be. So my dear readers, here I am saying things will change. Take me off your reader list if you choose so. I do not mind. Things could get personal on here and if you don’t want to listen, then please excuse yourself. As for me, I’m sticking around. I’m stripping my stage of the frills and fancy talk. I’m replacing it with vulnerability and truth. I hope you choose to listen.

here I am, s t r i p p e d


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