in an ideal world

i’d be blogging everyday.

i’d have wild life adventures to share about.

i’d be fully rested after a solid 8 hours of sleep.

sugar would be healthy and vegetables would be the devil.

reality says i’m very wrong. reality proves that I may not blog daily. Reality says life isn’t always going to be like the movies, full of wild adventures and care-free days. reality says I will be tired even when I give myself the rest I need. reality says that my body was not made for the junk i’ve been putting in it. it was made to be loved and cherished.

i’m sad that i’ve neglected my blog for so long, but you know what? AMAZING things have been going on. For starters, I FINALLY got a business website (applause). It’s taken me three years to work my business up and to realize I need a professional face to it. I started from scratch and finally published it after 3 weeks of fixing it up. i’m a huge fan of it and I have a feeling you will be to. check it out at!

the roommates and I decided to go sugar-free. before you call us crazy let me just add it was NOT an easy decision. trust me, we don’t like the torture we’re are going through right now, but our bodies do. we were talking about it for a few days, but it wasn’t being taken very seriously. on monday, I had a freak out and threw away all the sugar in our pantry. I dumped the chocolate chips in the trash, chip by chip just so we wouldn’t be tempted to pull them out of the trash. don’t act like you wouldn’t do it! I poured the sugar and honey out. seriously, NO sugar. the first day was rough. I had ridiculous headaches and wanted to cry because of the lack of delicious sugar. but I was encouraged because I knew I was doing something right. my body began to recognize that I wasn’t feeding it sweets every few hours. it was crying along with me. i’m only on day 4 of no sugar and it’s been a lot better.

here are a few projects i’ve done for my letterform class

For the first piece, we were required to find a typographic quote and base the piece off of the author’s artwork.

for the second piece we had to make concrete typography based on a word.

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