How to: Have a healthy lifestyle in college

Let me start off my saying I am certainly not perfectly healthy, not by a long shot! But I would like to share some great ways that my roommates and I maintain a healthy lifestyle while staying busy with school and other exciting things about college!

1) Cook for yourself! That is one of my top favorite things about living in an apartment. I love knowing what goes in my food, rather than buying processed or pre-cooked. Since my roommates are vegetarian, it is easier to eat healthy meals and snacks. Our meals often consist of brown rice, black beans, yummy salads, sautéed veggies, sweet potatoes cooked in any way, and other yummy recipes. Now don’t go thinking that we don’t have a sweet tooth. Quite often we have nights that we splurge and eat a whole box of cookie dough. Did I just announce this online? Okay well don’t take my advice on that one the results are good. Take my word on it! Since I only claim to be vegetarian by association, I often grill myself a chicken breast or a filet of fish. I don’t eat red meat very often if not at all, but I love my white meat!

2) Eat frozen yogurt rather than ice cream! Fro-yo as we call it is a stinking delicious alternative to ice-cream. I probably take away any nutritional value from it since I add cookie dough balls, Oreo crumbs, and those God awful Reese’s pieces. I still suggest the alternative though, you may have more self-control than I do! Plus, we have collected tons of coupons towards fro-yo bars. We save money and calories at the same time!

3) Drink tea over coffee! This has been the hardest change I’ve made. I survived on coffee this summer in Prague. I had at least two cups a day, black with one packet of sugar. That habit transferred over to my apartment. I started to depend on coffee again. Going from crash to crash; filling my caffeine take back up again. Because I was seeing the negative effects it was having on my body, I decided to stop drinking it. I could tell I wasn’t giving my body the natural energy it deserved. I upped my vegetable intake and began making all natural vegetable smoothies. I like to them my little green monsters. Green because there are apples, cucumbers, and spinach in it (among other veggies and fruits). Monsters because once the smoothie is done blending it looks like something you’d find in a sewage. I can’t lie to, it looks horrible. In fact, the first time I made them me and my roomies were disgusted by the look of it. It wasn’t until we tasted it that we realized we discovered a treasure!

4) Exercise, exercise, exercise. Walk around the lake, run around the block, go up and down your stairs, have a dance party- I don’t care what you do, but just get your body moving! Alexandra and I have taken up yoglates. It’s a mix between yoga and Pilates. I feel great after doing an hour of that. I don’t feel like I’ve completely worn my body out, but I feel like I’ve pushed it to it’s limit. The class we attend doesn’t use AC while working out so the temperature gets to about 90+ degrees in there. It’s awesome! I sweat out any toxins I took in that day. I’m already seeing results, and I like it:)

{All pictures are from Alexandra’s 20th birthday night!}

5) Eat humus as a snack rather than potato chips. Alexandra has taught me her recipe to a yummy humus. We eat it so often that it saves us money just to make big jars of it rather than buying the 17 oz. container at the store. We use it on our wraps, our veggie burgers, and plain with pita chips. We also try new ingredients out in it like spinach, cumin, and paprika. Yum!

That’s all I got for now. I hope this helps and encourages any freshman out there thinking they haven’t had a true college experience until they gain that freshman 15. We kept it off and had a blast along the way.

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