what i’ve been learning lately;

1>> Everything is not as important as I make them out to be. What do I mean by this? I’ve been focusing on things that are not that important in the big scheme of things. Note to self: Relax and enjoy your life! You’ll grow up fast enough.

2>> I make a meaaann gumbo. No really, I even surprised myself. It is SO good! Note to self: Add less red pepper next time. You made me break a sweat sister.

3>> Balancing responsibilities gets harder as I get older. I thought it would be cake this year. Especially after stressing about making it into the art program so much last year. I was sure that once I got accepted, It would be a breeze. BOY was I wrong! It’s great no doubt about it, but it’s work y’all! Note to self: Keep working hard. You’ll appreciate the work in the end.

{miss these girls}

4>> If I remain willing and faithful, God sets up the best opportunities for ministry. It’s amazing how i’ve been able to use the tactics I learned in Prague here.Note to self: It’s hard not knowing what God will set up for you, but trust me..it’s so worth it!

5>> I actually like tuna fish sandwiches. Ever since I can remember, I have turned my nose up to a tuna sandwich. I now realize that it’s not the tuna that I hate, rather it’s the MAYO in the tuna fish sandwich. Ick. Note to self: Always try new things! You never know what will spark your interest.

6>> I laugh a lot. Seriously. I’ve noticed that laughter physically makes me feel better. Something to do with endorphins or some scientific business like that.Note to self: Never take yourself too seriously that you can’t laugh at your mistakes and awkward moments. It does you good!

I hope you all can look back on your past week and take some lessons from it! On a side note: I am BEYOND excited to see this movie October 28th. I tear up just watching the trailer.


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