matinée feature

Today consisted of a lunch date with mom and the matinée feature of The Help. Let me just start by saying I was the youngest gal in that theater by at LEAST 30 years. That was an experience. The Help is an EXCELLENT movie. It’s emotionally gripping with the controversial story line and intimate insights to the lives of the maids. It made my anger fuel and the tears roll. Emma Stone did an excellent job of acting her character. I rooted for her the whole way through. Minny and Celia make you laugh and want to yell “You go girls!!”. The relationship between  Aibileen and Mae Mobly is truly a heart-wrenching  bond. I hope you all take the time out to go view this wonderful film! Plus, the fashion and home decor is AWESOME!

I wore this floral dress I picked up at my last estate sale adventure. It was a whole two dollars! I absolutely love how flowy and light it is. The sweetheart neckline is great too. I paired it with a washed out jean vest and sneakers from Urban. Nothing too fancy for this 100 degree weather. No thank you!

I couldn’t pass up these Lucky Brand beauties. I absolutely adore them!! AND they were on sale:) I cannot wait to pair them with my flared jean trousers or a fun summer dress. :D

What movie is on your to see list??


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