Sunday’s outfit

I haven’t posted an outfit post in a few weeks so I figured this outfit would be a great one to post:) I bought this crocheted top this past weekend while in New Orleans. I love the different ways it can be worn. Even just changing the black tank underneath to a white one would completely give it a different look. Please excuse the sleepy eyes. It was early and I was on my way to church!{top: UO, trousers: Gap, all accessories: thrifted}

I loved adding accessories to this outfit. I had numerous options, but in the end I went with an Indian style theme. I found this belt at an antique store for five dollars if I remember correctly. I absolutely adore it! I purchased the shoes at a local Salvation Army for no more than four dollars.

True fact: I was Pocahontas for Halloween one year. That fully handmade costume was the bomb! I couldn’t resist adding this video to my post. Enjoy your Sunday:)


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