eh, I have no excuse

I realize I have been quite neglectful to my blog baby. I apologize sincerely. Honestly, I’ve been busy living life. I enjoy not being totally consumed with the blog world and with my blog as much this summer. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this aspect of my life and the effect I’m able to have, but “physical” life comes first. Here are a few praises I’ve experienced recently. For starters, I’ve been busy with my photography. I’ve done engagements and bridals within the last month and my first wedding by myself on the 13th. I am thrilled!! That may not seem like a lot, especially compared to what my past business has looked like, but for now it’s exactly what God wants me doing. I’m staying busy but not overwhelmed. I also was able to see my fella this morning for the first time since May something. We both embarked on mission trips this summer with the same ministry. I went to Prague for 6 weeks while he went to China for 10 weeks. Awesome right? You could say this gal was quite excited. Also, I officially start school in 19 days! WOO! Yes, I love school. I will admit it now with zero shame. As you can see, I have been focused on great things. One more piece of exciting news…guess who I get to see in concert this weekend! Why don’t you just taken a listen:

OHLAND&SIA bam. I am super stoked:) What are you doing to end the summer? Have you been busy as well?




3 thoughts on “eh, I have no excuse

  1. Oh it’s good to take a break from the blogging world, I only usually post once a week otherwise I get way too distracted. It’s nice to see you get into photography :) I’ll be doing a wedding soon as well which is exciting :) Yay for school!!!!

    • I agree completely! I’ve been doing photography for 3 years now. 2010 was my busiest year for sure. Lately, I’ve been just coasting with it because of school and what not. Thanks for reading:)

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