Breaking Free v.2 {life}

From my experience, I have encountered many people who claim the reason they don’t want to become a Christian is because they want to “live life to its fullest”. I find that sort of ironic. Only because of the fact that God wants that for us too. He wants us to have life. He wants us to have joy and hope. That’s why He wants us to be His own. He is the creator of all that is good. Lately, I’ve been learning through reading Breaking Free that God desires to release His children from the chains of this world. He ultimately wants to provide life.

{He wants us to know & believe Him}

God wants to do in your life what your mind has never conceived

That’s the first step obviously. I have to believe in Him. I have to know him personally. When getting to know someone, you usually talk with him or spend time with him right? Same thing for knowing God. He desires for us to desire to spend time with Him and learn all we can about Him. You see, for the longest time I read my Bible because that’s what I was supposed to do. I didn’t do it out of curiosity or a desire to learn about His promises, rather it was to get my stars. In fact looking back on it, I never read the Bible. For that reason, I assumed He wanted nothing to do with me. It’s after I began to actually read and learn about Him that I realized I was completely wrong.

A Christian is held captive by anything that hinders the abundant and effective Spirit-filled life God planned for him or her

{He wants us to glorify Him}

When God’s glory appears, it just can’t help but interrupt any routine

When someone asks me “What is your purpose in life” that is the answer I give them. To give Him glory! In everything I do, I’m called to show people Christ. That doesn’t mean I have to be a freak about it, rather I am supposed to give account to Him when people ask me why I am the way I am. He is integrated in every passion that I have. My photography and blog are supposed to point my clients/readers to Christ. I am an ambassador of Him. Simple as that.

 So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

{He wants me to be satisfied in Him alone}

This is a struggle for me you guys. I can’t put up a facade. I don’t always find my satisfaction in Him. I tend to find satisfaction in weight loss or shopping sprees. I find satisfaction in art and photography. Those things are all great things until they start taking my focus off of Him. That’s when they start becoming my idols. I know that Christ is all the I need, but I sometimes forget that living in a world that tells me a better life is with more things! In reality, I have salvation, eternally. With that, I should be satisfied, eternally. Why should I let petty things get in my line of focus?

Salvation secures our lives for eternity. Soul satisfaction ensures abundant life on earth.

Ultimately, God wants freedom for us. A huge turning point in my Christian walk was during the summer of 2009. I read Galatians 5 and realized that God has called me to a free life. He crucified my burdens and my past on the cross. I no longer have to feel guilty about what I’ve done because in Christ there is freedom. There is redemption. There is life.


2 thoughts on “Breaking Free v.2 {life}

  1. I love your blog posts! I read them while I’m at work during my lunch breaks. Satisfaction can be a struggle for me too, but praying certainly helps. Having a consistent prayer life is oh so satisfying. x

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