what to do, what to do


I’m sitting here on the couch of a rented Arkansas condo and my adrenaline is rushing. I have no idea why..maybe it’s the cup of coffee I had this morning or MAYBE it’s the fact that I can’t decide on what I want to do with my blog. I’ve come to a point where I’m trying to decide to start my own domain name or if I should switch my blog over to a different server. I am now with WordPress and love it, but I’m sick of the having to use the pre-made templates. The Lazy Afternoon is a little over a year old now and I think she deserves more customization that a simple header. Sista’s gotta have more control than that. Now the if I buy a domain, I will have access to customizing my blog with CSS format {AWESOME}. The only downfall to doing that via WordPress is the fact that I will become a slave to a dreadful yearly fee. It’s not a huge fee at all, but I have more things to worry about that my lovely blog. Now, there are options of putting this yearly fee in my budget and giving up other things in order to satisfy my blog’s needs. Sponsorships are out of the question because, to be quite honest, this little humble blog won’t get you much advertisement.

So folks, what to do? Should I stick with WordPress and work my way up OR should I figure out a way to switch my blog over to another blog site. Please give me advice!

This song is appropriate, I’d say:)


4 thoughts on “what to do, what to do

  1. I use Virb.com. Yeah, It’s $10 a month, but it’s really easy to use. I have my own website and blog. It comes with great templates, with full CSS & HTML customization if you want.

    For someone like me who sucks at web design, it’s amazing.

  2. I like your blog the way it is. But I can understand how sometimes you just want to refresh. I use blogger and I use one of their templates but have manipulated the code to my liking, that’s probably what you’ve done with your current blog so I guess that doesn’t help you! I bought my domain through google (they use godaddy) for only $10 a year, oh so cheap.
    I like it this way because everything including blogger is owned by google, so it makes it easy for me to manage and my domain automatically gets signed up to all their products, google calender, reader, email, apps etc. For example my domain email [mail @ farrahallan.com] is actually a gmail account, which is awesome.

    • Thanks Farrah, your comment helps out a lot. Sometimes its hard to remain satisfied in the blog world. I’m going to continue to research and take my time so I know I make the right decision. Your blog looks great by the way! The simplicity of your header is beautiful

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