Kara of “I Just Might Explode” {Interview}

I’m back in America soaking up the humid summer air. It’s still very surreal to be back on American soil, but being greeted by smiles and cheerful conversations reminded me how much I’ve missed home. I recently interviewed a favorite blogger of mine via email. I am awfully tired to post anything about my trip so what better to post than a fun interview?

Meet Kara

{isn’t her red hair to die for???}

How did you get the title “I Just Might Explode”?

>>I sometimes have phrases get stuck in my head like song lyrics, “i just might explode” was one that kept repeating. I ended up doodling it on an art journal page for the Fall In Love class I was creating at the time. I liked it and decided to use it for the new blog I was working on.


What was the reason you began blogging?

>>I was around 15 and reading a lot of scrapbooking forums and starting a blog just seemed like the thing to do, haha!

What were some of your challenges starting out in the blog world?

>>It took me awhile to find my voice as a writer. Once I realized what I liked to share and became better at expressing myself, my blogging became more organic and enjoyable. I’ve struggled through the years realizing what I liked to write in comparison to what others were doing. I found that I didn’t like inspiration blogging and have been really working on finding unique content that I enjoyed creating and writing.

What was it like starting out so young and having your blog become popular?

>>I don’t think my blog was that popular, but I do think that the small amount of successs that related to my age went to my head.  I mean, a lot of helped instill a confidence that I still carry today, but girlfriend was a little cocky at the time. The encouragement and challenges I was faced with help me form a blogging ethos that has really shaped me today.


Were you ever intimidated by the success of other bloggers? If so, how did you overcome it?

>>I guess so. I think I just always need to go back to what I enjoy and love about my blog. I also think looking toward successful bloggers helps me see what I can work toward and realize that I’m completely capable of doing that too. I prefer to see other successful bloggers as role models and not as competition.

From a Christian’s perspective, what would you add or take away from the blog world?

>>Hmmm. I would say it’s absolutely wonderful for realizing that not everyone has the same beliefs as you and that there is great value in taking wisdom from different belief systems and life styles.

What advice would you give to a young girl that aspires to be a blogger one day?

 >>There isn’t one way to do it.

Enough about blogging…

 How is to live in New York and attend photography school there?

>>It was amazing. Hard. Tiring. Not as magical as it sounds written down, but good nonetheless.


It’s hard being in the art industry while keeping your faith, how did you work through it?

>>Hmm. I don’t know how necessarily hard it was. I’m believe and try to live out my faith in a more progressive and liberal way than a lot of Christians, so things more conservative Christians may see as challenging, I don’t feel like they are. They are a lot of interesting people in the art world and people will wildly different worldviews and lifestyles than me and what I was used to. I think meeting people like that and realizing there isn’t one way to live a wonderful life and honor God, helped grow me as a person and a Christian.

What’s a lesson that God has been showing you?

>>Judgement gets you nowhere and bad attitudes are damaging.


What advice would you give to someone like me that have just started out blogging?

>>Practice your medium of blogging. Whether that be art or writing (or both!), work at it. And most importantly, just live a life and go on adventures worth creating and writing about.

Enough advice, let’s get to know you better!

 What’s your favorite guilty pleasure food?

>>I love spray can cheese.


If you could be two animals, what would they be and why?

>>Kitten and mice. Because I love kittens and mice!


What is currently playing on your iPod?

>>A lot of The Civil Wars and Bon Iver. :)


How did you form such a great style in clothing?

>>I went to a rather conservative high school and when I was a sophomore, hipsterness hadn’t quite caught on there yet. I was reading a lot of blogs and shopping at thrift stores and my style really evolved from that. I was always the weird dressed girl and I loved being her.

What are your favorite stores to shop at?

>>Thriftstores and Anthropologie.



Thanks Kara for the advice and fun facts! It is so interesting to hear different blogger’s stories. I hope you guys enjoyed this interview as much as I did! You can learn more about Kara here  and here. Also, check out some photography of hers here!


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