It’s getting real {Prague}

So far so good.The WiFi at the hostel has been down which is why I have been absent from my blog. It’s only been about five days and I couldn’t ask for a better experience. A few days ago, we toured the city as a team. Three hours filled with rich history, beautiful architecture, and numerous pictures. I am finally able to understand the Tram and Metro system somewhat. The first day I was completely baffled by the names and all the numbers but now (with a friend) I am able to adventure and roam as I please. The food has been great and will continue to be that way. The only thing that is hard to get used to is paying for water. I’m so used to chugging down glasses of water because they are free, but here water costs 33-35 crowns. That is about 2 dollars a glass. On Thursday, we went to the cafeteria of the university for the first time. The mission was to go sit with someone, find out if they know English, and strike up a conversation with them. Easy right? It’s very relational. God allowed Callie and I to meet with four different groups of people. One girl, Irina, happened to be from Ukraine and enjoyed photography. She’s visited the states many times and speaks English fairly well. It was so awesome to be able to speak a bit of Ukraine to her from what I remember from my past trips there. We plan to meet some time in the near future and have a camera party. I told her I would help her learn all there is about her camera. I am so excited for the appointments God has made for me.

It’s hard to have the mindset that this is not just a temporary trip. It’s not just a two-week mission filled trip, rather it is living with and ministering to these students. It’s a cool experience being able to walk around the city as we please and ride the metro or tram from stop to stop. I feel like it is a home even though it’s only been five days. We aren’t held down to one place, rather we can come and go as we please. For example, if I meet a Czech girl and she wants to hang out with me or take me to a Pub or coffee shop, I am free to do that. It’s a great way to experience ministry. It’s very relational and conversational. It’s been hard adjusting to the sleep schedule here. There is a lot of traffic and noise where we are staying so it is hard to fall asleep sometimes. Last night, I had a killer sore throat and it completely stopped me from any sleep I wanted to have. I had the chills, sore throat, and my brain felt like it was on fire. I woke up with a horrible headache and no strength at all. Fortunately, I was shown grace by the leaders and was allowed to rest and sleep for a few hours. I don’t know why my body did that but I have a feeling Satan is trying his hardest to distract me and interfere as much as possible. Which makes me glad, because I realize that these trials only produce endurance. So bring them on Satan, bring it on!

One more thing before I leave, I have made it into the Graphic Design program at LSU. I got the email s few mornings ago, freaked out in the lobby of the hostile, swirled in my chair several times, then turned around to see four people staring at me. Two of them checking in JUST happened to be from Baton Rouge and asked me what I was so excited about. How awesome is that? What are the odds that there are other people here from Baton Rouge. Anyhoo, I am thrilled to start the semester in the fall. I have so so so many things to look forward to.

Keep us in your prayers.



5 thoughts on “It’s getting real {Prague}

  1. It looks like you’re having a great time in Prague! I’m loving the pictures!
    So I normally mute your blog as soon as it loads (it’s a bit awkward to have spontaneous music playing loudly while I’m at work), but the other day I heard Revelry on your playlist and I fell in love. I downloaded it and have been listening incessantly all weekend! Thank you for making my musical life a bit more complete!
    Praying for you in Prague!

  2. dear kristen
    i am so excited for you and your wonderful adventures!
    please write me because i hope to get you in touch with my granddaughter and her husband and baby who live in Prague!
    with much love, Brenda
    brenda bachrack

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