Prague, day 1

Mauricio Martinez. I’m not sure how his name is spelled nor does it matter. It started with a simple  “What are you going to Washington for?”  He answered back with a short “Visiting family.” I could tell he wasn’t really interested in getting to know this 19-year-old girl that keeps pestering him about his life, but I continued to ask. He was wearing a business like attire that lead me to ask “Are you a businessman?? You are dressed awfully sharp not to be” Turns out he’s an accountant from San Jose, California. This small talk continued the entire two and a half hour flight to Washington. He shared family photos with me along with personal stories and laughs. He told me how his family fled from Nicaragua during a war in the late 60s. He even shared how he met his wife, when they got married, and personal stories about their lives that only he could appreciate. I shared with him my dreams about my career; I even showed him some of my photography. He encouraged me by saying he can see my passion through my photography. How awesome is that?! We talked about God, religion, family, life and our passions. That’s what is cool about flying. I can meet someone, learn his or her life story, get a glimpse into his or her life, and somehow never see him or her again. It’s a bizarre thing really.

So far the first day is going great. We’ve been walking around the city touring different sites. Most of us haven’t slept in 24+ hours so keep us in your prayers. Energy is running low‼ It’s 2:36 in the afternoon here and we have about 6 more hours to stay up in order to get our bodies used to the time change. I’ll try my best to keep my blog updated day to day with what’s going on over here. Thanks for caring:)


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