I woke up from my Sunday nap itching to go to Goodwill. My mother thinks i’m the strangest, I know it. Anytime I come home with new “treasures”, she rolls her eyes and gives me an “Oh Lord, Kristen!!” or maybe a “Why am I not surprised..” When I pulled back into the driveway from Goodwill this time, I assured her THIS is a treasure!!

I was checking out at Goodwill when the purse caught my eye. Before I headed for the door, I strolled over to get a better look at it. Immediately I opened it up just to check if anything was inside. To my surprise, there were several receipts. DINGDINGDING. I checked the dates and they all read August 1970. I headed back for the counter and handed her $3.26 then made my way to my car. As soon as I got in my car, I began rummaging through the receipts. I saw a few names and dates but didn’t analyze them too much. When I showed my mom what I had found, we both analyzed the receipts extensively. From reading the papers that were left in the purse we gathered:

  • Name: Mildred Berry
  • Wife of Leroy Berry
  • residents of Jasper, Texas 1970
  • Mildred had a blood disease
  • she was 43

The receipts were all hospital related. On the back of one she wrote “stop the blood flow Ezekiel 16:6”. I don’t know if she died from the disease. I tried googling her but nothing came up. This simple treasure of knowing a little bit of the history of the previous owner made my day. It’s so much more than a basket weaved purse. It’s a soul. A soul of a woman who was probably terrified. Probably a soul that was weary and broken. A soul that relied on God for her life.

{my best friend Bryan found these for me:)}

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!


13 thoughts on “treasure

  1. What a lovely find indeed and how exciting! I just loved reading this post and isn’t it wonderful to discover a bit of history on an afternoon at goodwill…very sweet! Thanks for sharing and I hope you continue to have a Super Sunday!

    Liesl :)

  2. This is really cool and reminds me of a Louis Vuitton I once got second-hand from a family friend. The history of the purse was tragic. The previous owner was the girlfriend of our friend, but she had died in a random plane crash. Haunting, but interesting…

    • That is so interesting! I’m always finding old jewelry and artifacts at random places. I’m always curious where they have been. Thanks for reading, I look forward to checking your blog out!

  3. This is so amazing! I wonder where my old receipts will end up one day.

    Just found your blog today and im hooked! youve got yourself a new follower :)

  4. That is truly a treasure! I love finding great items like that in antique/vintage shops, but to find pieces of someone’s life is amazing. I hope things ended well for Mildred Berry and I hope you enjoy that purse!

    • I usually like to imagine the history of the item, but to actually find pieces of history is amazing! Thanks for reading. I’m on my way to check your blog out right now!

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