midnight {DIY}

I’ve been wanting to dye this crocheted shirt ever since I bought it from Goodwill a few months back. Guess what I found while rummaging through our laundry room.. That’s right! Black dye:) With the assistance of my mom, the dying adventure began! I’m not very good at giving directions, but I will try my best!

Start off with a white shirt.

Step 1: Get the hottest water you can find! In other words, boil it in the microwave.

Step 2: Step up your dye and bucket!

Step 3: Combine boiling water and dye together

Step 4: Place clothing in the bucket of dye. Stir constantly for about  30 minutes. You may not need to set it in the dye for that long depending on the water to dye ratio.We used less water and more dye, in order for my shirt to be pitch black.

Step 5: After the fabric has set and you think it’s ready to come out…pull that sucker out! Rinse till the water runs pretty clear. Let it air dry for best results. I wouldn’t recommend washing or drying with a variety of colors because it may bleed.


One thought on “midnight {DIY}

  1. Impressive. It is amazing the way clothes can easily be changed and updated simply. I have so much in my closet that I don’t wear, I bet dye can update some of those pieces to something brand new.

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