at the moment

Well hello! Guess who is finally out the dorm and back at home for the summer? THIS GIRL! Freshman year is finally over and it is time to relax. I still can’t believe it’s already been a year since graduation. It feels like I was just sitting in the ceremony in that awful cap and gown. Constantly talking to my neighbor and cracking jokes with the people who I lived life with for 13 years. Now, I couldn’t tell you what 90% of them are up to. So sad that after only a year contact is lost.
I leave for Prague in 12 days! Wowza. Here are a few songs that i’ve bookmarked on my Pandora! Hope you enjoy :)

Currently listening>>

Corinne’s version:

Currently sad about>> stupid finals.

Currently rejoicing>> FINALS ARE OVER and i’m out of the dorm! Also, I leave in 12 days for Prague!

Currently craving>> bananas and peanut butter

Currently watching>> Whale Wars, so sad

Currently missing>> the simplicity of childhood. No responsibilities

Currently feeling>> Blah :P

Currently praying for>> Strength, perseverance, and self-control

Random thoughts>> Shake weights are idiotic!! Suriously!?

Reject video from finals week:


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