epitome of procrastination

I am so fried I had to Google how to spell epitome. Wanna know how I spelled it the first time? Do ya?!…APIDOME. That is pitiful.

You guys I have come to the conclusion that God did NOT make my brain to study. I was made to express my thoughts and knowledge through art. End of story. I just can’t handle studying. Maybe God is trying to teach me discipline. I started at ten o’clock. Studied here and there with Alexandra till two in the morning. We then visited Con till about four in the morning so I could wake up a little bit. After that, we relocated to the library where Alexandra drilled me till about five thirty in the morning. When she started falling asleep on me, she decided it was time to go. I dropped her off at her dorm and I now reside on the couch in front of the CC’s coffee shop in the library. Patiently waiting for the clock to turn seven fifteen so I can make my way to that dreadful religion final.

Here I am in the beginning of the night cracking myself up. No literally, I was laughing out loud at the faces I was making..

This video was obviously taken before I stayed up all night. I guarantee if you saw a video of me now I would not be so chirpy. Not one bit.

Finals from Kristen Soileau on Vimeo.

We should not be left alone in a room with a computer and camera.

Wish me luck, i’m 30 minutes away from a cumulative Religion final!


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