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currently rejoicing>> Today is my last day in Religion and Figure Drawing!! Yay, no more drawing naked bodies for 3 hours! You have no idea how thrilled I am. I am not a fan of any drawing class. Try subjecting yourself to three hours of something you aren’t good at and don’t particularly care for.

Here’s the final project for my digital art class. It’s a group stop motion film portraying reality to fantasy world.

The Rave from Kristen Soileau on Vimeo.

currently admiring>>

funny story.

As I was checking one of the blogs I follow this morning, I read a post that had my blog title in it along with something words that sounded familiar. I continued reading and at first I was confused and a little ticked. Why was I ticked you ask? Well, I thought someone had snatched my blog name and stole my very own words! I clicked on the link and where did it lead me?? Right to my very own homepage. I began laughing when I realized that I, in fact, wrote that and sent it over to that blogger.  I’m trying a new thing out as a blogger. I have been wanting to start sponsoring some of my favorite lifestyle blogs, but I was a little unsure on how the whole process worked and what it all actually entailed. I decided to do a few that are more personal blogs. They just happened to be two young mama bloggers. Not only are they just young moms, but they are Christian women. Who else would be better to sponsor?? So without further ado, I am sponsoring Arielle from A Beautiful Journey and Mandy from She Breathes Deeply. Both of these women are amazing mamas and super cool in their own ways. Another thing that they share are their unique love stories. Both girls found the love their husbands unexpectedly. Both of their stories are beyond precious! Each time I read them a girly aaawwww pours out of my mouth.

Both ladies are super awesome, so do me a favor and check them out!!

To read what else these ladies have to say, click on the photos above!

What are some of your favorite reads??


2 thoughts on “silly girl

  1. Awww thanks sweet girl! I am so glad to have you as a sponsor – your blog is lovely and so interesting to read! I look fwd to following your posts!

    Love ,

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