and all that jazz

It’s a tough Monday. Well all Mondays are pretty tough but coming back from Jazz Festival to a bitter Religion professor does not make it easier. I’ve always wanted to go to a music festival in New Orleans. As soon as I came to LSU, I made it a point to at least attend one during my freshman year! I bought my tickets to Jazz Festival a few months back and it felt like this weekend would never come. But may I add that it did indeed and finally come and it was one of the best weekends of my freshmen year so far. I was able to see Mumford and Sons, Amos Lee, the Avett Brothers, and the Low Anthem live. I saw a few others, but those are the bands that I particularly wanted to see. Each band put on excellent shows. They are each talented and engaging. I already knew and listened to the first three bands, but I was introduced to the Low Anthem at Fest. I was very impressed by this little Rhode Island band. They are known for the instruments they use and the versatility of each band member. Each person played a different instrument for each song. One person played a saw and one even put two cell phones together and made music from that. It was bizarre!
here are some photos and videos from my weekend!

Mumford and Sons:

Awake My Soul from Kristen Soileau on Vimeo.

The Cave from Kristen Soileau on Vimeo.

Amos Lee:

the Avett Brothers:

the Low Anthem:

P.S. it’s the last Monday of my freshman year, wwaahooooooo

Hope all of you have splendid Mondays and for you that are taking finals, good luck!!


3 thoughts on “and all that jazz

  1. Isn’t Jazz Fest amazing? I’ve been every year since I can remember, one of my favorite times of year. “Windows are Rolled Down” has been my spring time anthem! So happy to have found your lovely blog:)

    • Amazing doesn’t begin to cover it! It was a complete blast. It will definitely become an annual tradition. I was blown away by the talent and great food:D Makes me proud to live in LA! So happy you enjoy what I have to say. I can’t wait to read yours:)

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