Monday won’t get me down

Faith. Scary word if you think about it. Faith causes you to step out into the unknown. It causes you to trust in someone who you cannot physically touch or see. It stretches you till you can’t be stretched anymore..then some. I learned several new things about faith this past Sunday. It is not just the idea of believing in something that you can’t see, but it’s your reaction to God’s will. The college department leader spoke on this during Sunday School. She said that it is the action of stretching yourself in response to what God has already called you to do. Let me give you an example. Since 2008, God has put oversea mission trips on my heart. Now that I think about it, it was there before I even went on my first oversea trip. I’ve always loved serving people. If I didn’t act on that call I would still be sitting in my comfort zone just placing money in the offering plate to help the people who have responded to God’s call. I put my faith in God that first summer and because of that step i’ve never been the same. I can remember talking to my leader giving him reasons I should back out. I continued to give him reasons why I shouldn’t go and why I wouldn’t be of good help. Once I got my heart right and realized that stepping out of my comfort zone to glorify God won’t always be safe or convenient, He radically changed my life.

My teacher gave this analogy for faith:

There’s a Texas man and an Alaskan man. They are both wanting to ice fish in Michigan. The Texas man knows that if there’s ice over a lake in Texas it’s not firm enough to go walking across. On the other hand the Alaskan man is used to walking across lakes with 5 feet of ice layered over. Back to the story, the two men meet up at the lake in Michigan the Texas man stays on the edge while the Alaskan man walks out to the middle. The ices strength doesn’t change. The Texan man’s faith only goes as far as the lakes edge while the Alaskan man puts his faith in the lake completely. Here’s an image I put together to help you understand more:

Ya like that, huh?
I hope this encourages you to stretch your faith and allow God to move in your life. He’s right there waiting for you to make the move.

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