Housewife material, eh

OUTFIT POST! I bet you thought you’d never see one of these again!! This was the first time I have worn this dress. I bought it last summer and just shoved it in my closet! I adore it though. It is so easy to thrown on and prance around in. I ran errands in it..wore it as a bathing suit cover..and learned how to skate board in it! ALL IN ONE DAY. How versatile is that?! Bryan and I came across an awesome estate sale last weekend. This woman must have been ridiculously rich. Her house was decked out in the finest vintage 60’s furniture. From the light fixtures to the bathroom tiles, everything was elaborate and retro! She had six closets FULL of clothes. Not just your average older woman clothing but costume clothing! She had kimonos, African dresses, and leopard patterns everywhere. I found a box of scarves in one room. I went nuts! I bought seven vintage scarves from the 50s-80s for a total of three dollars. WOW. With that being said, the scarf and the apron in the images are some steals from that estate sale!

Alright so I’m kinda digging the whole housewife idea. I never thought I would say that..I secretly walk around the house with it on wishing I was in the 50’s.

I’d be a cute maid, I must say..

I think I have discovered what I want to do if this whole Graphic Design thing fails..I want to be the person that hosts estate sales!!! Or open my own vintage shop, half my studio the other half a store full of vintage things. I would hunt at garage sales, streets, antique stores, estate sales, EVERYWHERE for the best items. I would then fix them up and resale them. Genius I tell you..Genius!

I’m off to a lunch date with a friend then my last senior shoot of the season! WooHooo

bye my friends:D


One thought on “Housewife material, eh

  1. Hey, if you find any good garage or estate sales that have good furniture or house stuff let me know please! Kirk is buying a house so we need to fill it with stuff! Haha thanks friend :)

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