big moneyy

No..the title is not referring to myself:)

The money shot.

Every photographer should have one. Whether it be framing a particular way or using nature to edit your images. I’ve had both in the three years of shooting. Last senior season my signature shot was a mix of “the body shot” (I’ll explain more below) and the “sun flood” shot. Both, in my mind, are equally awesome. But this senior season, I’ve been leaning more toward the lovely sunlight. Because I am a natural light photographer, the sun is my best friend. I just say no to that dang artificial lighting. It doesn’t impress me UNLESS it’s used for an event of upscale indoor model shoot. But I have never understood why someone would use it outside on days that God has provided beautiful sun. Everyone has their own style, I suppose. For this gal, the sun is my friend. No need for cheap looking photo-shopped sun flares when you have a massive tool waiting to be used outside. The only issue is you gotta know when it’s the right weather, time, and angle. That’s an acquired talent. Here are a few examples of my favorite shots:

(all images taken by me, give credit)

The body shot {no clients were injured in the production of these images}

The sun flood!! {no artificial flares added!}

These are just a few of my favorites from past shoots. When I get my own office one day, I guarantee each one of these will be framed:) Make sure you create your own signature shot. Anytime I show someone my photography, they say “oh you like sunlight huh??” That’s awesome!! The fact that people can notice that about me without me having to say anything is amazing. Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter!!

Love you all!

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