Prague update

It’s a battle. Mentally and spiritually draining. Letting go of all my pride and asking for support is a huge challenge for me. Sending out letters and messages to people requesting support is not the hard thing. That is quite simple actually. It’s making those dang phone calls. Anytime we are in a team meeting and our leader mentions support or phone calls the whole mood of the meeting go down along with some grunts and grumbles. It’s one of the harder parts of a mission trip. Putting full faith in God to raise all of the support should be easier than this. My human nature wants to control the situation.  I am capable of paying for the trip now if I wanted to through money I’ve saved up, but if I were to do that where would my faith be? I am doing all I can while having complete faith that God will provide. My faith is supposed to be stretched right now. There is supposed to be spiritual warfare going on right now. I find that I’m attacked right before God does something mighty for his own glory. Months before each Ukraine trip I was constantly battling something. Whether it be lacking in my walk or becoming sick and down about the trip. But after those battles God completely shined in Ukraine and it was a life changing trip.

I ask that you be in prayer for all the teams. There are teams going to Africa, China, Prague, and some are staying in the US. But for the Prague team specifically, pray for support raised and victory over battles being fought. Several of us have been having a hard time. Some are dealing with sickness, some are dealing with school work, some are dealing with deaths of loved ones, and some…like me..are dealing with support raising. Pray that God continues to work in the hearts of the students in Prague. It will be a tough mission, but through Christ all things are possible. I appreciate your thoughts, concerns, comments, or even support. If you would like more information or would like to support me in any way, click here

O sovereign Lord, You made the Heavens and Earth by your strong hand and powerful arm. Nothing is too hard for you. Jeremiah 32:17

That is my prayer and proclamation.


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