Weekend mashup

This weekend was wonderful. I couldn’t have possibly asked a for a more fun-filled 3 days. Friday I went shopping for an art project coming up. This consisted of scoping out the best candidates for a 50s housewife style dress. Confused? I’ll explain more later, no worries:) But just for a clue: This artsy gal will soon become a 50s housewife, able to bake, clean, and iron all at the same time! Oh yes:) Friday night I went on a sushi date at Tsunami. The fella and I sat on the rooftop of the Shaw center overlooking the Mississippi River and the Baton Rouge bridge. To top it off, the sun was setting. SO cool!

Saturday, AZ and I went shopping and indulged in some much-needed girl time. We raided UO and the mall. It was beyond a successful shopping trip! Saturday night, I help Eva out by second shooting at a wedding she was photographing. It couldn’t have gone any smoother! I was in charge of the detail shots and the groom and groomsmen. They were phenomenal. Really! I have never been around guys that enjoyed taking pictures so much. After the wedding, Eva and I had an editing party till close to 3 AM, along with munchy breaks and YouTube videos. Check her out here, she’s great!

Here’s a sneak peek!


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