I’m not in Kansas anymore

I pop two DayQuill pills in my mouth to help my chest congestion, while sitting in front of my Religion professor.

While walking into my math class, I witness a couple’s quick make-out session before parting.

My phone goes off in class, It’s my mom hoping I have a great day and sharing that she misses and loves me very much.

I wake up too late, I run to class in my sweat pants and flip-flops.

Maybe you have caught on by now, but these are all instances that have caught my attention and continue to remind me how different high school and college is. There is no write-ups for being late, PDA in the halls, or wrong uniform. Heaven forbid the thought of taking a pill much less chew gum in class! No ma’am that is not acceptable. For legit reasons, I must say. They don’t want student abusing that, I can understand.

I can remember the first day of class last semester. My phone begins to vibrate in the middle of my art studio. Let me give you a little background, art studios have only about 20 or so students in them. You could say it’s usually pretty quiet (or at least that day it was. I mean first day of class, we gotta be cool and act tough. Little did they know my little voice was scratching be heard) That brings up another ramble that I’ll come back to later. My phone begins going off, I immediately slam the end button, paranoid as if I just stole something. I look around and nobody even noticed my phone went off. Heck, nobody even noticed I had moved. Who am I kidding, they probably didn’t even know I existed at that point. I had a flashback of sitting my Mr. Jerry’s Bible class my sophomore year. I was attempting to be sneaky while texting. Oh you know that put your hands in your lap and look at the keyboard of your Blackberry through your peripheral vision. I press send, the pressure is off and I look to my right and check if I’m in the clear, but there was no dismissing the stare Mr. Jerry was giving me. He just shook his head and mumbled a few things to me, but I was so nervous I didn’t understand. I just knew he had given me a ridiculous amount of grace. (holla Mr. Jerry!)

One more ramble and I shall be done. Back to the point I said I was going to explain earlier. You thought I forgot huh:) Never! I get the biggest thrill when I see familiar faces on campus. Why, you ask? Let me share an instance with you to get my point across. Attending Hamilton for 13 years really made us appreciate new students. I can remember the first day of every year, the veterans of Hamilton would search out all the new students. {Now that I think about it..the visiting students would get so harassed by our kindness and pleas to go there that we would never see them again…that makes so much sense now.} Anyways, a fresh face to us was like Christmas all over again. I figured coming to LSU and having all new faces, it would be a cool experience. I wasn’t wrong, it’s definitely been an experience but I wouldn’t say necessarily cool. When I see a familiar face, I freak out. You can say my reaction would be like seeing a long-lost friend that I haven’t seen in years. Dramatic? yes. Loud? possibly. Obnoxious? most definitely.

It’s hard to tame myself after being comfortable around the same teachers and same students for 13 years. It’s making a name for myself all over again.

In high school, the main nickname I had for myself was K.SO {Kristen SOileau} That was the strangest thing to not be called that here. That changed quicker that I expected. Through some events of exchanging my email address at Refuge {email=yo_yo_kso, profesh..I know} my nickname was out again. Anytime I hear, KSO!!! It makes me feel like I’m home all over again. I never thought a nickname would be so comforting to hear.

As strange as it sounds, K.SO brings me back to those dreadful hunter green polos and those crisply ironed khaki pants.

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One thought on “I’m not in Kansas anymore

  1. Oh Jerry! Very true my friend. Even though msu is smaller I still feel good seeing people I havent seen in a while! have a good day kso!

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