Yes, I am still alive and well. No worries, I haven’t dropped out of college. I haven’t disappeared from Earth. I am still breathing. I’m just being a regular college student..well let me re-word that..a regular ART student working on art projects, prepping for Prague, getting my portfolio ready to submit, and just stinkin’ enjoying life!

I couldn’t ask for a better life. I love where I am now. I’m seeing more and more how much of a gift LSU is to me. I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do. I was nervous I was going to blend right in and have zero influence before coming here. If you think about it, that’s not a crazy fear. I mean there are 30,000+ students that come here. It’s actually common to blend in and just let life pass you by. By getting involved in leadership at the Refuge and being an Ambassador, I feel like I’m actually making a difference.

It’s hard for me to keep up with my weekly posts just because of school and my other priorities. The blog world is a community in itself and if you don’t keep yourself in check it becomes addicting. I follow about 30+ blogs. When I say follow,  I mean I check my Bloglovin’ about 4 times a day AND have the iPhone app for it. That’s not the problem. It’s not detrimental to have a hobby such as blogging, but the issue is when it becomes a high priority. I was talking to Alexandra the other day, and I realized that the women I follow have become celebrities to me. I can’t stand the celebrity world and how people idolize them. People, with me included, mirror their style..their bodies..and their lifestyles. I despise that, yet I do it with the blogs I follow. That’s a big reason I stopped checking them and decided to chill out for a bit. I don’t want my blog to be about fashion or the celebrity world. I want it to be about my thoughts, inspirations, and interests. Why should I post about other people’s lives and what they are wearing when I hate that it’s being idolized in the first place.

God has created us to be our own being. We aren’t supposed to idolize and mimic other people’s lives or bodies. We are each made beautifully and just the way God wants us to be. There is nothing wrong to look at them for inspiration, but you have to watch that fine line that separates inspiration and idolization.

shoot, i’m rambling now.

I’ve got laundry to fold and work to do. Hope you don’t mind my Tuesday night ramblings.

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