eternal obsession

Ya know, I don’t really have a specific obsession for this week. Honestly, I don’t remember the past several days because of the over abundance of sleep I’ve received. All I know is that I am going to be swamped until my Religion exam Monday morning. But I have a peace about all of it. Of course, I’m scared because of all the responsibilities I have this weekend, but I have faith God will sustain me and calm me down. There is a huge workshop going on this weekend and Ambassadors are in charge of it. I volunteered for whatever they may need. So needless to say I have to juggle working multiple time slots and study for a huge religious exam. God is faithful and God is more than capable of sustaining me:)

I am so happy to finally be around my friends. I have been cooped up for…5 days? That involved little human contact besides my parents and a few friends. I went a little crazy last night because it was the first time to be in contact with everyone. I laughed way too much..talked way too much..jumped around way too much, and most definitely paid for it this morning. I woke this morning with my mouth feeling all of that laughter, talking, and jumping.

I’m done blabbering now…i’ll show you guys some fun graphics I found!

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