the tooth fairy couldn’t handle me

I said I was going to do here it is. Here goes all my pride. I will probably regret posting this because I am still on my medicine for my mouth, but i’m doing it now before my mind changes.

I had been avoiding this surgery for quite some time. Dr. Moses would hassle me every time I went for my annual teeth cleaning. “Kristen..have you done it yet??” I responded with a sly smile “of course!”. He knew I was lying every time. I’ve never been a fan of pulling teeth or going to the dentist. I only remember pulling three of my teeth. Either the dentist or my teachers would pull them. I preferred letting nature take it’s course..I would leave them in till they were hanging by a thread.

Last time I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned, Dr. Moses pulled the mom card. He said “Now Kristen, you need to get those out soon! You are going to put yourself in a bind” “I will Dr. Moses! Don’t you worry…” “I believe you but just in case i’m going to give your mom a call” Crap, it was all down hill from there.

So fast forward a couple months. My wisdom teeth started to break skin. I freak out. Mom gets a phone call. I’m strapped in the oral surgeon’s chair at ten o’ clock on a Friday morning. What a great way to start off my Mardi Gras break.

When we first arrive to the office, we have to go into a waiting room that hasn’t changed since the late 1970s. In the room, we are tortured by a VHS that informs me of all the complications possible with this surgery. “There could be soreness, bruising, and infections..ultimately ending in death.” “You will be prescribed pain medicine that could cause you to die” “The surgeon could cut too close to the nerves in your jaw and you could loose feeling permanently..and die” I am not over-exaggerating!! Everything ended with death..I look over at my mom and said “How encouraging…”

I am a wimp when it comes to needles or the idea of “going under” I mean really how scary does that sound?! To make things even better, as my mom and I are waiting for the doctor to come in, the nurses are trying to wake the guy next door up. We hear “Raymond..wake up” “raymond” “Raaaaymonnnddd” This goes on about ten more times “RAYMOND! IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP” By this time, i’m feeling comfortable, right? NO!

Dr. Alexander walks in the room and begins to explain what he is going to do and how simple the procedure will be. I am feeling confident. He asks if I have any questions or concerns and I say no just put me out of my misery!! I finally get my nerves calmed down and prepare myself for what is about to happen, when my mom and the doctor decide to strike up a casual conversation on traffic in Baton Rouge. I laugh here and there, then finally say “Can you just give me the shot!?” Dr. Alexander tells my mom to open the door and when she does there is a pack of nurses standing there waiting to come in. I found it hilarious. He puts the needle in my arm and before he pushes the liquid in my arm I say “Tell me to say something!! Tell me to count or something!!” They laughed and said “no darling don’t worry about it” Against their instruction, I immediately started counting obnoxiously “100, 99, 98, 97, 96, 95, 94, 93,….97, 97, 97 ,9777777” then it went black. (side note: Emily told me she only got to 98, so I wanted to beat her) I don’t know why I didn’t go below 93, I just remember going back and forth to 97.

Fifteen minutes later, I wake up asking “How’s Raymond?!” {who’s Raymond? I have no clue.}

haha I don’t recall any of that. I also don’t recall me forcing the nurse to take a picture with me.

Here’s the proof of my crazinesss:

happy camper

Not a happy camper

Here is a screen shot from one of the videos. As I made this face, I was expressing how good I was feeling..

Yep I hear it you? What is it you ask? Oh, just any form of pride/cool points i’ve ever had.


5 thoughts on “the tooth fairy couldn’t handle me

  1. Oh my goodness. Those pics were hilarious. I went to dr. Alexander for my teeth too haha, I haven’t watched the video cause it doesn’t play on my phone. But I will soon friend, that’s for sure!

  2. I still get picked on to this day for what I said when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. I hope you don’t get dry socket… it’s not fun. Although the numbing strips for it were pretty cool. :]

  3. I hadn’t watched the videos until today. I still cracked up laughing at the last one. Baby Biiiird!!!

    Also, I like how video 2 starts and ends with you drunkenly counting backwards.

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