Hello my pretttties:) I have a few updates I want to share with you guys!

I recently join the Tumblr community. I will be posting snippets of inspirational things throughout the day. Less words, more pictures. Get excited, because I sure as heck am:) Click here to follow me on Tumblr! or click here to follow my Tumblr on Bloglovin’

I am still puffier than ever, but I think it’s a good for me..right?? When I have the time to sit down and upload all the crazy videos and images you can bet there will be a post on it. It has been a fun ride haha.

One last thing, if you are interested in donating any amount of money to my mission trip please check out this information letter and follow the link to the online donations. If you rather talk to me about it, shoot me an email and I will contact you asap! I can give you the address if you feel more comfortable sending a check. Any amount helps. Follow the link below to hear more about my trip.

ksoileausupport letter


If you want to go ahead and donate an amount follow to this link and make you sure you select “Kristen Soileau” as the recipient!

Can’t wait to here from you guys!!


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