these are my confessions

Confessions of a once un-belieber

I didn’t want to give in. Honestly. Pop music is not my normal choice of ear candy, so when I heard the music he began recording after his YouTube fame I turned it down immediately. I laughed and joked about the gals that are..obsessed shall we say? But when I saw a documentary style movie was coming out, I knew that even though I’m not one of his biggest fan- I would enjoy it. I had no idea how much that movie would actually change my mind. I went from refusing his music to singing along to “Baby” with the lyrics flashing across the screen in the last scene. I won’t elaborate on my dance moves that accompanied them. That movie gave me a whole new perspective on Mr. Bieber. Now don’t go thinking that I have the fever {yet}. Just because I went to Wal*Mart and bought all three of his CDs..{yes three, I got the remix version of his latest CD..} doesn’t mean I’m obsessed. I’m just a little curious..yeah curious. His story is a great one and his vocals are even better. I hope he isn’t another child hood star that lives his few years of fame and then begins a spiral down like most young stars have. We’ll see where America takes him, but as of now he is still on top of his game, his hair is worth thousands, and females ranging from 3-83 are in love with the kid.

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