Found {Color}

I love finding the perfect colors to go together. It’s an obsession of mine. I spend many nights searching online for cool color combos. I recently discovered {this} site. It is a designers dream!! Numerous colors and patterns to choose from. AMAZING I tell ya!

For fun tonight, I decided to experiment with a little retro coloring tutorial. You can find the before and after >>here


It is so stinking close to Mardi Gras break. I am excited to finally take a break off of school..but guess what this gal gets to do..give up? GET HER WISDOM TEETH OUT. Fan-freaking-tastic. Bring on the black mail videos and photos. {note: if you receive a text or phone call from me between Friday & Monday..IGNORE}



4 thoughts on “Found {Color}

  1. kristen, i read your blog on my riducliously long breaks at school and blame you for my new obsession with reading every blog i come across :) (i now have the bloglovin app on my iphone) love you friend. hope you are not in the chipmunk stage very long after you get your teeth out.

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