Social Network {Agape IV}

Prayer, it’s a crazy concept.

It seems silly to just be talking out-loud to some big guy upstairs right? Or whisper little secrets to the presence that is floating around us..I guess if you think about it that way it does sound a little silly… or just plain crazy. Prayer for me is a direct line to God. It is his gift to us. How cool is that?? Direct access to the Creator of the world. Always listening to our prayers and thoughts as we walk around living our daily lives. Some people question the power of prayer, which I can’t blame them. Sometimes I wonder if what i’m saying is even worth the listening ear of God. Even though I doubt the personal side of such a powerful God, he doesn’t cease to amaze me. Take a seat and listen up..I have a great story to share

The other night I was feeling discouraged because I haven’t raised as much support for Prague as I was hoping to have by now. I began reading Acts 1. As I was reading, verse 8 jumped out at me. It states:

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

That is a direct quote from Jesus. If you notice the verb usage, you can see the great impact it has. Jesus doesn’t say “maybe if your good enough you will be witnesses” “maybe if you work really hard I’ll think about it”..NO he says “AND you WILL be my witnesses!” So back to my prayer.. After I read that verse, I prayed for God to take my burden of raising support. I surrendered that to Him and confessed that I was trying with my own strength and not His. I mean come on Kristen..obviously God made a way for me to go to Prague. He WILL provide. It wasn’t till about 2 that morning that I fell asleep. I had planned on sleeping in till about 10 or 11, until I got a phone call. Emily had just happened to get up early for work, which woke me up. My phone was on vibrate. As I began to doze back off, I feel a buzzzzz….buzzzzzz….buuzzzzzz. It was an unknown number so I debated on picking it up, but I was way too curious. I answer with a very deep, raspy, just waking-up “hheelllooooo”. I received a very chirpy “hi Kristen!!!” Obviously this person knew me well, so I didn’t want to make her feel awkward. I respond with a “HEYY!!!…who is this??” It was a distant relative calling about my support letter I had sent to her house a few days before. We talked a little bit about my financial stance and how much I actually need to raise. She ended the conversation telling me that she and her husband would donate $500 to my trip!!! HOW STINKING AWESOME IS GOD??!

Maybe you didn’t catch that..I prayed 8 hours before and he answered it! It’s amazing what faith can do. God was just waiting for me to openly surrender that burden. I feel so blessed to be able to share this with you guys. It is a huge testimony of God’s power and strength. He is in control of everything..shoot he owns everything. I’m pretty positive he can find a way to provide $4000 for my trip. I have confidence in that.

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